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@Alphonse said:

@-Bro-Nikandreos said:
629760_screenshots_20190514141828_1.jpg This guy was running past me, and It seems hes really small.

This is now my favorite bug in the game.

That's a console command, not a glitch.

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@Eapple said:
When I alt-tab out of the loading screen (the one that pops up when you quit an online match), about half of the time, my game completely freezes and I can't close it so I have to restart my entire computer, which is a big hassle.

The 3rd known issue:

Known Issues:

Server lag upon player joining
Profile select menu causes the input to become sticky.
Crashes may occur on Alt+Tab during loading screens, use Borderless Fullscreen if it happens to you.
During spectate, players may become invisible except for the person being spectated.
Flickering between the main menu and loading screen can occur on start-up. WORKAROUND - thanks to iluvfuz
Bots are afraid of heights.

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I've used both & to host my servers. Super low ping with great prices.

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@lettihcs said:
Hey guys, i encountered a bug which does not let me leave a party in which im the only member, i cannot leave, invite new members via mordhau or the steam friend page. I already reinstalled the game. Do you have any solutions to that?

By the way, the guy whom i was playing with, i deleted him from my friendslist.

Thanks in advance!!

Are you invisible on steam? Usually my problem.

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When pressing TAB to view player list, you can see there is a scroll bar. But no way to scroll up or down. When joining a game of 64 players, it would be nice to see the entire list.