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Hola Oceania!

I'm looking at forming a clan based around Early Imperial Roman Legion themed equipment and combat playstyle.
At this point I want to see if there's enough interest in the concept (I've seen a bunch of Roman inspired character images on Reddit!) to form a clan to learn, train and fight together.
I have been testing and rigging together ideas for the builds and tactics with a few other Mordhau players who will be the formative members of the Legion.
Of course, clan members wouldn't be expected to exclusively play in this way - there will be plenty of opportunity for casual play with and without other Legion members! - but formal Legion play will require commitment to the principles of the Legion.

The development and success of the Legion will hinge on a few things:

  • Planning and consistent use of equipment builds for Legionary & Auxilia classes (spearmen, cavalry, archers)
  • A library of tactics designed for legionaries operating in pairs (eg. 'gladius & scutum' consecutive 2v1's), in larger groups (eg. testudo), or with auxilia (eg. orbem for melee defence of ranged units).
  • Some clan internal drills & training for all Legionaries to learn field tactics, attain a standard of fighting with the prescribed equipment, and to practice and improve our gameplay in a friendly environment.
  • The ability of all legionaries to focus on and accomplish the tactical objectives of the Legion, through the direction of Centurions or Legatus. We will explore methods of maintaining formation (testudo and shield walls are easier to hold in* third person perspective), reading the play to manoeuvre our manpower, giving appropriate communication, and promoting cohesion (buddy pair, contubernium, cohort).
  • The commitment of all players to the Eagle.


So, if:

  • you play in Oceania
  • are interested in making some new friends in Mordhau
  • can't wait to form a turtle
  • are excited by the prospect of being a formative member of what I hope will be a committed and entertaining clan...
    Please comment below!


If you're already excited and know you need to join, feel free to message me or leave a comment with your Discord username####, and I will be in contact if we go ahead.
I would intend to administer the Legion via a Discord server.

Roma invicta.
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