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@Tim_Fragmagnet said:

  • regicide (kill the enemy king, everyone else can respawn)

No, because this kindof gameplay encourages the king to camp in a corner for the entirety of the game and it's generally terrible.

I'm sure you could make a map specifically for this. Like, cage-match whereas king vs 5 low-armored opponents or something. That'd be pretty sweet for people who wanted to practice 1vX engagements, or trying to lock down high priority targets.

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i was going to be a sarcastic cunt and point to the "weapons we want to see in mordhau" thread but

It does make a lot of sense that flails in a game like this, as strange and rare of a weapon as their historical counterparts were back in the day, would need a special gimmick to them that relied on skill to make them unique and NOT shit like they are in Chivalry. Using them a lot in that game, I notice the only reason I really win is because not a lot of players know how to fight against it, as nobody used it.

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close thread, all that remains is memes

seriously though



more gay hats, please

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@TripleChinLord said:
These ones are required

This dumb ol' thing looks cool, despite how horribly uncomfortable it would be to aim. Or load, for that matter.

On that note, the post about the early musket designs could be nifty if perhaps they were an absolute ass to load, forced you to use low grade armor and no other weaponry such as secondaries, and have a bayonet. As cool of an idea as that would be though, animations lol

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@Zexis said:
I'm still not convinced archers have any place in a melee game

considering i'm positive i can just take a javelin from my side in this game and chuck it at the skull of an archer 40 meters away trying to snipe me as i'm in the middle of backpedalling away from 5 people ganging up on me at once, i'll be alright

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we've been played

everybody go home

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muslims from the country, and

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calm DOWN ya pole-lovin' nerd

see i insulted you AND reassured you at the same time; a perfect combo that puts me on the highest tiers of this thread 8) stay small son

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I know it's no justification for smurfs existing, but admittedly I learned way quicker than I would have normally by playing against them in Chivalry.

Agreed though, it's not too big of a problem to most people, even low rank casual players, especially since it doesn't happen often.

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looking for his fictional boyfriend

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Yeah, this game is fine when it comes to the gore aspects of it.

In a video game,I mostly find it a convenient way to make sure if i hit somebody or not, especially at range; seeing red mist when I shoot somebody from range is just as satisfying as a hitmarker to me. From what I've seen, this game does a fine job at making that obvious and satisfying to perform.

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obvious sarcasm flies over his head

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dying, everybody on the forums

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bullies newbies for no reason :(

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@Survii said:
"good music"

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@marox said:
Better graphics, and we added cats. Were we filming? Maybe.


dodge cat loadout soon? yes? okay good thanks

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@TheDankestMeme said:

@Punzybobo said:

i'm not sure who you are or why you're doing this but i love you for it

keep going