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  • 12 May '19

It was most likely what Deadmode stated, a late/windup feint, as a maul-only player, I get a lot of people who believe I somehow ignore the downtime too, because of certain drags/feints.

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  • 12 May '19


All I need is a better stag icon and some horns on my helmet.

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  • 10 May '19

I've put down a solid sixty hours into this game now, and I feel like I have a bit of insight into how it could be better.

Now, I'll start with the issues I've come across, things I feel are unbalanced or unfair or need fixing in general.

The Heater shield and the Pavise shield, as of now, I don't really believe shields to be that overpowered but the lack of counters makes them terribly strong, kicks should be the main way to deal with those who use them, but the problem is that kicks are terrible, absolutely awful, the range is arguably lower than a punch and even if you sometimes hit them, you're hardly given enough time to strike them, especially with a heavier weapon.

So, the solution? Give kicks more range, or make it so that you can still move slightly whilst kicking.

Horses in Frontline as they are now are practically invincible, whilst I understand that cavalry was a thing to be feared, hitting a rider coming at you with a heavy maul should be an instant kill, if you're quick enough to react and hit one of them, they just continue forwards, and that feels terribly unfair.

Solution? If a rider is hit by at least a two-hander, as they ride past, dismount them.

Quality of life changes could be made too, especially for the server browser, most of the time I do not see any servers on my "recently played" list, nor is there any sort of way to add them to a favorite list, which I feel should be a thing, so I do not have to search for the ones I usually play on.

The kick function needs to be updated, It's terrible as it stands, barely anyone knows how it functions and getting rid of people who break the rules set in some servers, (especially duel servers) is far too difficult.

These were the things I feel need fixing to improve the game, naturally, all of it is still my opinion.

Now, for my personal wants and needs, consider this a suggestion box of sorts, as I'll just throw a few ideas, some more serious, other just "this would be cool to have!".

  1. The most important feature I've been told you were working on(?), the ranked mode. Let us create in-game clans, with space for at least 6 people, that you can then queue up competitively with, to earn better rewards, and climb the ladders, a 1v1 duel ranked system would also be greatly beloved. I feel like ranked is a necessary thing to keep an active player base, as it gives people something to strive for, other than "levels".

  2. Now, this is probably just me, but I enjoy a certain type of RPG aspect to games, it doesn't have to be much, but an overworld, in perhaps a map like Grad, where you can just run around and do whatever, as you wait for queues and so on, instead of just it being a sort of loading screen. Depending on the size of this map, it could also invite the roleplayer category to test the game out, if they have a place to do their thing.

  3. Customization in characters feel lacking, despite how much you work at the controls, all the characters end up looking incredibly alike. It's mostly to blame on the facial features, the eyes, nose and all of it together is barely changeable and it just makes it look like there's ten different clones of the same man running around, but with slightly different hair. To add onto faces, and give more general customization, would give player characters more of a unique feel, I also would invite more hairstyles and beard styles, as I feel both are lacking.

  4. The armor customization is absolutely fantastic, Mordhau has some of the best creation possibilities I've seen in games and I thoroughly enjoy creating characters, and editing their looks. Naturally, this is not at all an important thing I'd even expect you to work on, but to add even MORE would just let people flourish with their creativity, more icons, (especially a tabard icon of a stag, haha, please.) More skins for weapons, and so on, small things that'd add so much more flavor.

  5. More maps, smaller ones, bigger ones, and everything, literally anything you can pull out will improve the game. The current ones are great, but sooner or later people will start getting bored with them. Specifically, on most duel servers, most players seem to pick the same three maps. The Pit. Tourney and Contraband, these are all great maps, but the reason they're being picked is that they're small enough for duels, not because of how well designed they are.

  6. The combat tutorial was really fun and I quite like it, I feel like with the technology you have now, and the funding received from the massive success, you can turn this game into something bigger than you initially planned on, creating a story-mode with voiced characters and Horde-like NPC armies to fight/command, could be incredibly cool.

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