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4 2 - eli goldshtein, speedhack, no stamina drain. - steam profile. - steam id profile.

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unreal engine crash with "You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash", i install UE with debug simbols and its doesnt help. only logs deep in game files.

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@Korvinatus said:
So how you fixed it?

nope, devs didnt answer me here or in steam. in mail they say its my cpu... but it temporal solution - borderless window, force physx to use cpu (in nvidia control panel), no ragdolls, turnoff cloth. its helps play longer without crashes.

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Hello there, i was playing from relise and i was experience some crashes.
already turn off ragdols and its keep crush. some statistics: frontline - a lot of crushes, 2-4 per game, skirmish - 1 per 2-3 games, DM and TDM same as skirmish, horde - never.
Already was trying reinstall the game, update (and reinstall them fully) my GPU drivers (1050 geforce), reinstall VC++ redist, downgrade all graphic options and turnoff everything.
Also bug with ragdolls (when they was on) - some times, they are was stretching on map, like i was playing some horror movie :D.
I cant tell what cause crush from log, cus its have next message :You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash (i install last version of unreal engine with debbuging simbols (27 addition gb for the love of god), and its still doesnt show up.

PC - windows 7, x64, 16 gb ram, geforse 1050, proccessor (dont laugh its still work fine everywhere for me) - IP g3240, 3.1 ghz (double core)

i load my logs to pastebin: