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  • 29 May '19

This is a fantastic, amazing game. It is everything I could ever ask for.
But the community is a toxic pile of shit and garbage. Everyone in this game is uniquely horrible.
Not a single match has gone by where I didn't hear slurs. There is zero moderation anywhere in the game. The dev team is understandably understaffed, but for some reason server admins just... don't exist.
I spend my time in 1v1 servers, which is the absolute worst of the bunch. Someone has seen my profile avatar and called me a trap. I'm a trans woman, they called me a fucking trap and zero people called them out on it.
A dude just runs around servers and types in chat about how there are only two genders, and how tr*ies are mentally ill diseases that should kill themselves. Everyone nodded their heads and smiled like nothing was wrong.
The community treats this game like it's fucking 4chan, and absolutely nothing stops them. Every single time I say "Can we not spout horribly offensive shit", the community looks at me like I'm some insane "SJW libtard".
I love this game, but I fucking hate playing it. I've had to disable chat completely, and even that's not enough. I can't play this game without everyone simultaneously being an asshole.

I really, really hope the devs pay attention to this and fix it, because I am not going to be able to play my favourite game of 2019 until this bullshit is cut out.
All I ask is for votekick evasion to be patched. There needs to be moderation tools for server owners. There is no excuse not to have a simple world filter for the slurs people fling in a desperate attempt to troll.

I just want to play Mordhau.