The Mordhau Alpha is out!

If you have backed the game on Kickstarter or bought it on our shop, check your e-mail for a message from us. You will have to create an account and confirm your purchase, then head over to your purchases to redeem the Steam key.

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Some other things:

-It doesn't have to be a 3d wound. 2d is great too if it looks decent.

-Adding to what carl said, it would be nice if ragdolls would have different starting speeds depending on the weapon and type of atack. So if some guy gets killed by a dagger thrust, he would just fall. But if the finishing blow would be let's say a maul swing, the guy would be flung to the side with great force.

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But but BUT, what if it's one of the stretch goals of the kickstarter?
(€????- updated gore and blood effects)

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So i was re-watching all of the mordhau dev-blogs to tame my humongous hype for this game. And i noticed something......
There is no gore variant for when you thrust/pierce someone ( and noone in the forums is bringing it up)
Now some of you may say that it has, but atm it's just a generic blood splatter. There is no unique gore variant for when someone is stabbed/pierced, only for cuts.

So my suggestion is to add unique gore variants for stabbing (open hole with blood around it and/or a small opening with dark tinted blood inside). This would be triggered if you thrust into someone's chest with either a spear, sword, halberd tip or dagger. Size could potentially vary depending on the weapon.

I could also ask for blunt gore, but im sure there are already treads about that.
This could spice things up if you guys have time to add it in.

PS. Thank you for making this awesome game, chiv is getting real old real quick.

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This guy proposed the same idea all night in the Discord. Probably finds it really dank.