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As a new player to this game under 40 hours this is my assessment. Rapiers seem easy to get kills with but can be countered by anyone who uses some skill. They cant really do those huge swings where you can easily kill multiple people in big battles. You can win more 1v1s but lets face facts here lots of the game isnt 1v1. Archers are bothersome but they dont seem overpowered to me at all. Most of all I like seeing the different classes I dont only want hack and slash its too one sided I like that there is the firepot guys and archers and rapiers. If it was me I wouldnt nerf anything yet because I havent been playing long enough to really know whats going on. On the game I play 1000 hours is basically just getting out of noob status.

Im really enjoying this game dont over nerf things please. see you all on the field.