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Get a fucking life, dude.

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@idiotgod said:
The most passionate members of said community are routinely banned for simply questioning the authority of the devs and/or not sucking their smol cocks hard enough, when they should be made community managers so the game has a chance of not fucking dying.

Right. I guess random people do have, eh, actual pr abilities?

@idiotgod said:
Should probably get someone with actual pr abilities next time lol...

Judging from your post history you'd make an excellent community manager...

Just go and play something else dude, you are jaded as fuck and not thinking very clearly.

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  • 26 Jul

@Den said:
For reference, there are effectively three states in a multiplayer shooter (or in Mordhau) that differ depending on perspective.

Eh, I don't know how to parse that wall of text (It's 6AM and my eyes hurt) but you might want to check some of Marox old posts:

Mordhau runs on authoritative dedicated servers, applying lag will more or less just make things worse for you.

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At night? Yeah, Chivalry's Battleground had a nice level of darkness to it.

Weather effects? In order to improve performance, they could add an option to disable them. Still, my PC says no.

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Going to play devil's advocate for a while. I've said this in another thread but yeah, developers communicating and stuff is cool. It's also not a fucking necessity. I swear, modern business practices have spoiled gamers to the point they need constant updates and hand holding to keep their interest in the game. Which would make sense if the game provided a bare bones experience, but it's not the case for Mordhau.

Personally, every time I've become obsessed with a game it was for the core gameplay and that alone has kept me interested in the game. The fun factor. The competitiveness of the game. Not skins. Not new experimental game modes.

Performance issues? Server issues? When such issues occur, every single developer ever has made a blanket statement of "we're investigating these issues".

Lack of content updates? They've done that. Not with the frequency you'd wish for, sure, but come on. The last update with information of upcoming content was 2 months ago. Since then, they added a new (shitty) map and they released 2 or 3 patches. It's not a huge company like fucking Epic with producers and investors grinding their employees to meet a deadline. Every single time they've announced something, they've clearly stated that they are bad with schedules. Isn't that an obvious plead for patience?

It's like people are in constant fear their game dying when numbers dwindle while ignoring the fact the developers are also interested in keeping their project, also source of income, alive.

Let's pretend Triternion disregards their communication practices for the last 3 years and they start making monthly devlogs. How soon do you think that frequency will change? How soon before the pacing of new content slows down? How will the community deal with the failed expectations/deadlines? (yada yada slippery road, I know)

The root problem with Mordhau and retaining players is the lack of a centralized point of communication in the form of developer blogs.

The game is not doing great so let met use that and the couple of anecdotes of friends who lost their interest because there are no new maps to try and get the devlogs I want.

It's not like there was a Steam Summer sale which just ended. Or that new games are out there and a ton of people are playing other stuff. Or that people have had their fun and naturally lost their interest. Or that newbies get stomped. Or that there are crashes, performance issues, loadout bugs. Or that rougly half of the 2nd largest player base has shitty ping due to shady service providers.

But the lack of communication, man... Cool story bro.

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  • 15 Jul

nicknamed "Dialectic"

reiterates non sequiturs with slightly different wording each time and employs awful logic

It's like poetry.

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Offtopic is that way ↓

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@smokratez said:

@CocyxTheGaySkeleton said:
which parts of white culture do u wanna preserve out of curiosity

Speaking civilized is one of the things I will miss the most. Caring for others without wanting to be paid is another. Art that glorifies life instead of death is a big one. Giving away things to make humanity as a whole better is a good one too. Being able to leave open the doors of your house. Knowing all your neighbours and being friends with them. Dogs will probably be gone too.

That's a dumb list of bullshit you arbitrarily attributed to whites, lmao.

Every single item on that list can be disproved or can be found for other races, societies and time periods.

This is embarrassing, more so coming from a guy whose nickname is "s(m)ocrates".

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  • 14 Jul

@LuxCandidus said:
I would be remiss not to point out journalism is supposed to be unbiased, while clearly the entire article is using Mordhau as an excuse for the writer to push their revisionist political agenda when they are paid to write about video games.

Articles with the tone of the OP (i.e., editorials and opinion pieces) can't be truly unbiased. They are what they are.

I don't want to get into too deep epistemological shit but the gist of it is that journalism --in general-- can't be 100% unbiased because truth and facts in the modern world are non reducible to very fundamental basic principles, i.e., they are not "absolutes". Reporters don't just write "Milk costs $4. An increase of 10% since January", because that would be boring and people don't exactly read newspapers or journals for that reason.

I'd also like to point out the last part of your argument is called a tu quoque fallacy.

I agree with whoever wrote before that the article DOES gives Triternion the benefit of the doubt. The "revisionistic agenda" is the whole point of the article, and it's argued with different cited sources, so I won't go into that either. Where you said he goes out of his way to lie, I'd say the whole paragraph of “historical authenticity” in its "fictional, but realistic world" is open to interpretation. It's reinforced by an earlier paragraph about sympathies and questions just how specific Triternion is in terms of realism, how specific or realistic they should be, and player's own interpretation of the setting.

I also agree with Vanguard that this board is kind of poorly moderated and has always been from both a content and a PoC viewpoint(s). This is pretty obvious. The reason being lack of staff or not wanting to confront with long time supporters. I mean, people call others retards, slurs are used "ironically" (like here) or whatever. It's not like they break rules in too obvious ways, but I'd be suspicious of the "banter". I don't recall ever reading any warning or announcement of the sort "please behave".

I'm inclined to believe those backers are just dumb, or edgy, instead of mean assholes, because I've been reading some of them since the early days of this forum and the Chivalry/Slasher subreddits and I'm not so sure. But with the influx of hundreds of thousands of new players, and a general in a cesspool like 4chan since release, I'm not so sure if a laissez faire approach is the best way to deal with this anyway.

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Accusing me of sophistry when your whole argument is a red herring. Whether other games do team colors is irrelevant

It is relevant if you consider how the trailers and screenshots form THIS game show teams with different colors.

it's still "undermining player customization"

It technically is, nobody is denying that technicality. You seem to understand how that is a pretty minor thing, all for a good reason in terms of playability, so it's obvious how you resorted to some sophist wankery.

therefore it can be okay to do things that "undermine customization" if there is a good reason.

Will you ever understand the precedent of forced team colors actually means nothing? The fact there IS a good reason, and not mere personal preference of what you want to see or hear while playing, is why forced team colors are a thing and a precedent, if anything, for things that improve playability.

See the difference? One makes a team based mode easier to play. The other just makes you feel more immersed or whatever bullshit in a game where horses don't die if you gallop non stop for 10 minutes riding them.

You keep repeating those words. Do you even understand what "undermining" is? Should I point out the etymological definition? Why it makes sense to use it in Triternion's comments, and why your arbitrary extension of the concept to other things is dumb?

There are hundreds of in-game things that "undermine" customization and they all have reasons attached to them.

You can't do 3/3/3 with bloodlust and a Zwei. You can't equip certain helmets with certain neck pieces, or chest armor with certain waist options. Hell, I can't put the best looking heavy armor legs with gothic sabatons. Some reds hues do not look like reds at all. You can't do asymmetrical faces without a .ini edit. You can't equip purple unless you are level 70. You can't do black tint armor unless you're level Idk what.

25% of every server being loudly screaiming kawaii uguu waifus on a medieval battlefield.

I literally had the suspicion you were around your teen years and came from a certain chinese tapestry discussion board and your wording here is a plausible confirmation.

Aside from that, you put forward an obvious fallacy in the middle of a rational argument. You are assuming they will do kawaii uguu waifus. This means you didn't check the video (the female face is not exactly a cute waifu imo), that you're disregarding how they've done male faces (no face has male model tier good looks), etc.

3: oil burns on water and I have literally never even seen a firebomb touch water in Mordhau in 400 hours anyway

You mean to tell me in 400 hours you have never seen a fire bomb dropped in the stream in Camp Frontline? Cool story bro.

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@link_mah_boi said:
Either way, the fact you can give a reason to "undermine" player customization shows that it is already a line they can, and will cross.

If you're going to argue for a toggle then don't bring up team colors into the discussion. You even highlighted some words in italics as if it mattered.

Forcing a semi-uniform appearance for differentiating teams is a common practice in team based game modes in pretty much every game out there. There's no line to be crossed, that's just sophist wankery.

So it's [...] honest, to give players the option to toggle that visual and sound element.

There is a video on their YouTube channel with a female character (Devlog 3@1:48).

But yeah. I don't think there's any dishonesty involved, whatsoever. I can also be a wise ass and bring up a couple fallacious sophistries into the table, just for fun.

Women are not shown in the trailer because they were not available at release. Simple as that. There is literally nothing on the trailer that flat out eliminates female models or other skin tone colors from existing in-game. It's not an exhaustive showcase of what's in the game or what will be introduced in future updates. Like how there is literally no voice commands in the trailer, yet the game does have voice commands.

The wording on the website, Steam, etc. talks about warriors, enemies and customization in a gender neutral fashion, btw.

If you're going to talk about realism and immersion, let me point out the Steam description describes the setting as fictional and one of the videos describes the look of the game as "cinematic" thanks to UE4's capabilities. I bring this up because I honestly didn't know you could observe visible light in the real world like in Taiga or Crossroads. Didn't know that a steel edged sword could cut plate armor or that a person could sprint indefinitely and never run out of stamina. Etc. etc...

How could they cross the line of realism...

Yeah, no. Everyone on the alpha knew about Female models, but whatever, I honestly don't care if there's a toggle or no, I just despise poor discussions, more so when it's so obviously a case of personal preference and that's the most transparent way to request such a feature. It's up to the devs to implement it or not. It's also up to you to not play the game if you don't like it.

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@link_mah_boi said:

what they did with team colors was already a hundred times more "making people not see your customization" than a gender toggle would be. And yet how many threads do you see about team colors?

Talk about speaking out of your ass... Either you haven't played the game at all or you haven't customized a single character.

You can only choose 1 (ONE) set of colors for each of your loadouts. You can't choose the customization for each individual team. For example, you can make your painted helmet black and yellow, your tabard orange and cyan, your arms green and your legs purple and red.

When you jump into a team-based mode (Frontline, Skirmish, etc), the game automatically overrides 95% of the colors you picked for your loadout with blue/white and red/black depending on your team.

It anything, the toggle gives you MORE freedom to see other people's customized characters.

Mordhau's main gamemode already "undermines customization work" by disabling your team colors unless people opt in to see them.

The obvious reason is because in a team based mode you want to know exactly who your teammates and your enemies will be at a glance. The toggle was added post release. The UI marker for teammates was also added post release. They haven't added a team customization for the loadouts but they might as well do it at some point. For comparison, it took Rocket League almost 2 years to add an option to fully customize each team's car (you could just change your paint colors, not the wheels, etc) and almost 3 years to further those customization options. They also added clubs which let you customize your car and side of the pitch when your party is facing another team.

One of the key marketing points Psyonix has always made is owning up your car in terms of customization. Still, it took them years to add very popularly requested QoL settings related to customization.

They also have a color blind option which obviously overrides most customized colors. Even though supposedly 1 or 2 out of 10 people have color blindness, it took them almost 2 years to implement this feature. Nobody would argue this setting undermines customization freedom.

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  • 8 Jul

I have your same VGA and used to experience the same issue in every map.

Try these steps in order (not all of them at the same time so you can narrow down the actual cause of your stuttering problem).

  • In the Radeon settings for Mordhau, disable V Sync.


  • Ingame, set Textures to High. Set ragdolls to 0.

  • Disable the Steam Overlay for Mordhau (right click on the game inside the Library and clear the appropriate checkbox).

  • Disable Windows Defender


Here's everything else I tried.

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not at all how real life works

make all that stuff up

Well, I worked in game development for several years. Ex girlfriend was a community manager at a constantly expanding e-commerce site and I know people in software developemnt. Bunch of friends are actually game devs at different small companies trying to push new titles.

I can infer how some of those experiences (many of my own) may transfer to Triternion.

If you want, you can refute my post with an actual argument or ask a clarification about some of the points I made.

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Friendly reminder that the Slasher prototype from almost 4 years ago had darker skin tones but they looked like ugly caricatures without a proper face model.


Also that for the longest of times, the Alpha had only 1 face model instead of two, so that aspect of character customization was not a priority before release (esp. since every sensible person goes to battle with face plate on).

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@KonyHawkProSlaver said:
How hard is a weekly Dev blog with a paragraph or two about progress made that week? You have someone here with the sole title of Community Manager, and he cannot find the time to do this?

Even though it's desirable, more so to placate the ADHD ridden young entitled gamers of today who require these updates to feel "involved" in the process or "close" to the developers or whatever bullshit they have going on in their heads, easier said than done tbqh.

First off, the community manager would need access to the same tools that the devs have. Some of these tools are paid, they can be pretty damn complex and the assets can be huge, file wise. They don't work at the same location so every change needs to be committed/uploaded to a server over an internet connection, downloaded by the other person, the person needs to be notified of when this update will happen, the time zones need to be somewhat compatible, but more importantly, the assets need to be easily loaded into the game. Maybe the development of, eg., maps is in such a seemingly basic state that they crash your computer or you need to use a bunch of commands and .ini edits just to load something into the game. Progress in game development is not lineal. You may spend a month working on the layout and 3D assets of a map, a week to make shit work and a couple hours loading it into the game, only for it to be shitty and require more work.

Artists making assets work on them on different 3D modelling software (3DStudio, Maya, Zbrush, etc). Maps are probably being worked on by the map artists and programmers in Unreal Engine and a special debug build. The screenshots usually go through some art pass (adding a watermark in Photoshop is easy but that's not always the case) in order to showcase the changes in a positive way.

So... the community manager would need some rudimentary knowledge on how to operate that kind of stuff. Otherwise you're allocating a dev's time to holding his hand on how to get screenshots and shit. Some of them may speak another language, so the communication between them would take a long time.

There's a reason Bannerlord, Cyberpunk 2077 and whatever big game you can think of don't do weekly updates just so easily. Releasing weekly content updates leads to unpolished shit, like PUBG did for ages and its numbers dwindled. DayZ tried to keep a devlog, and it failed miserably. They would add new cans of soda or a new revolver to the game and people would complain or meme about. Just imagine spending 24 straight hours working on something through different obstacles, only for a selfish ignorant cunt to criticize you for your "incompetence".

All these leads me to the next point below.

The potential backlash if the "updates" are not significant and how people will make silly assumptions because your regular gamer hardly know shit about the difficulties of game development and how chaotic it actually is, how time consuming it is to communicate changes to a different person with a different skill set, how the work pipeline of the different tools work, etc. It's already stressful and chaotic if you work with your fellow devs in the same office under a project manager or lead developer, I can't imagine what it's like doing so remotely across different languages and time zones. What if they fail to meet a release date for whatever reason?


IMO, if you need constant updates to keep your interest, it speaks more about you as a consumer than about a developer and their product.

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  • 29 Jun

I think another issue is lack of skill based matchmaking in Frontline. New players are being put together with guys with 100 hours and the skill gap is too noticeable. A competitive mode of 3v3 might have been a better choice than ranked duels to ease players into learning the ropes and give them a sense to play better and transfer that skill to Frontline, but whatever. Without proper ways to handle griefers it would be a recipe for disaster at this point.

Or how red loses the vast majority of the time due to their castle actually serving as a bottleneck spawn, which blue spawn is open and easier to break out of, they are also at risk for spawn toolbox griefing while blue isn’t.

That's been the opposite in my experience in Crossroads, lol (or maybe you're talking about Moutnain Peak?).

These days I refuse to play on blue even though I've always liked competitive matches more than one sided ones (I'd switch sides or pick an archer just so there isn't 1 more guy chopping down noobs) but Crossroads is just too frustrating for blue. Red gets the catapult, better positions to install ballistas, easier access to the tower to rain down fire from above, the wall can be defended more easily and the entry point for blue is a freeway for horses going both sides.

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  • 27 Jun

There's some reports about this issue already.

@marox replied in one of them so hopefully they're still looking into it. Great thing you managed to capture another video proof.

In my experience this happens with not just stabs (i.e., mouse wheel attacks) but with any other thing. I will try to queue a combo and nothing happens, or just feint to avoid hitting a teammate, and nothing; or a FTP and nothing happens. Some times it must be my own fault (I'm in recovery or I missed the feint window), sometimes it might be due to my framerate dipping (in Frontline), but even if there's some client lag, it shouldn't just completely ignore my input.

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  • 26 Jun

They're a buggy mess. If I happen to sidestep and swing at the back of a horse more than half of the times I just phase through them. Also the 1 hit kills are terribly inconsistent for some reason.

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  • 24 Jun

@erisco said:
Anyone can shove their weapon through another player's collision volume at any time. Just walk around with a pole arm and notice how it passes through people like they're ghosts.

Not really. Visually, yes, the weapon may clip with another player, but the windup cannot be started inside the collision bubble. This is why even at facehug range you can parry a stab with no issues if you aim properly. The bubble is big enough to prevent people clipping into your camera and also instahitting you.