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Someone? :/
could at least tell me where I can see the list of graphics cards supported :(

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Hello community! :)

I have a problem with the textures of my game, when I place the graphics on high it stays with good graphics quality for a few seconds, reducing its graphic quality by itself, remaining in low graphics, sometimes although I raise the quality it keeps in low quality. My PC is not a high gamma or much less, but as I mentioned the game if it tends to get in very good quality graphics and performance, but for a short time, I hope I can fix it without having to buy new equipment xD

My Hardware is:

Graphics card: Radeon HD 6870
Processor: Phenom II x6 1055T
RAM: 2 x 4GB = 8GB ddr3
System: Windows 10

I hope you can help me guys :(
I loved chivalry and now I am in love with this game and its graphics.

P.S: I had another error, a bug in which I appear in the game but I can not attack anyone, and apparently they can not see me, like a ghost xD (not in the viewer)