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  • 8 May '19

Good to see i'm not alone :-)
Can't wait for a solution or a server fix... tried again this morning and still the same frustrating problem.

I like this game so much, i'd so like it to be playable !

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  • 7 May '19


I really like this game, but it seems i can't play any game w/o having both huge like spikes or packet loss.
I play from France, with 4mb dsl connection. I've got a very constant ping of 40ms w/o any packet loss when pinging any website.
When i play any other online game I have no sush problems.

But yet, on Mordhau, i got 60ms very constant ping on official server (mainly in frankfort, sometime in englang) and it goes up to 200ms like every 30sec or so. Sometime it's packet loss.

It's really getting on my nerves, i'm yet unable to git gud in this game with that lag changing parry, chamber timing...

I tried on some custom server, the problem is overall the same, yet it seems sometime i don't have it at all (maybe some server in france ?).

Is it anything i can do to improve that ?
Am I the only one to experience that ?

I'm not confident that there is anything to do, but still i thank you in advance for any adivce...