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My dedicated server has 3 different game modes with various maps in each game mode loaded into the possible maps that come up for voting at the end of each game. The problem is that options that are posed at the end of the match are at random, sometimes duplicate, and sometimes all one game mode. Sometimes we just don't want to play the same game mode 3 times in a row, and there isn't always an admin on to force change the map. I think the options at the end of the match need to be more balanced between the options that are placed in the server settings. I also believe that the same map and game mode that you just played should not be an option. This way there are a variety of options instead. I also suggest that the last option should be a "reroll" of the random map/game options so that if the players don't like any of the given options then they have another chance to pick. Maybe there can be at least one of each game mode on the list, with a random map (except for the last played map in that last game mode) in each game mode. Another suggestion would be to pick the game mode first, then the map afterward. Or have multiple types of voting at the end of the match that can be switched in the server settings: (all possibly containing a reroll option)
1: Random maps and game modes
2: Vote on a game mode first, then vote on a map
3: Vote on a map first, then vote on a game mode
4: Have at least one of each game mode (allowed from server settings) and a map for each of the game modes.

Please leave feedback so we can brainstorm. I love this game, but I wish we had more variety when it comes to voting at the end of the game.

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Deadliest Warrior had a multi team game mode because of the different factions in the game. Although there are only 2 factions in this game, I believe a multi team game mode would be a nice addition to the list of modes in this game. Even if it was only one additional team I think it would make for a very interesting fight.