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can confirm that I can't get any banners past level 35 and I'm 40+

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yes open console and type it

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above console command 100% works, thanks!

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above console command 100% works
not sure if it will kick you from a map tho

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i heard typing 'restartlevel' in console works
haven't tried it yet

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this whole game is as great as it is a giant meme

lute players, copying Chivalry team colors exactly....

...only thing game is lacking is some TO maps, and some lute-less competitive servers

Maybe we will get it in time. Until then, it's all about Vanilla WoW baby. Still the greatest game ever made.

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I'm a decent guitar player myself irl
it's funny how a lot of my musician friends hate on EDM for just pushing the play button on an iMac we have wannabe virtuoso's in an online deathmatch game pressing play on their cyber lutes. Actually trying to draw a crowd with packet loss, shitty sound cards, the whole thing.

It's just too much.

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lol @ good chivalry player
enjoy your virtual concerts broooo

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what? The devs love Chivalry, and it was their soul intention to create a better version of it.

They made $15 million gross, they don't need my money.

The devs clearly have a passion for re-creating medieval combat in a video game

I think it's just a matter a time before they get their ducks in a row, and make better maps. Or release the dev kit, and have the community make better maps.

As it stands now, there are only 4 maps, 2 of which are unbalanced and not fun. 4 maps is hardly a finished game.

Hopefully the success of the game doesn't change the dev's passion for the game. I know if I were sitting on a cool million, last thing I would be doing is reading some nerds rage in an online forum, or even wanting to look at Visual Studio.

I have faith in the devs long term, but right now the game is a snoozer.

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In the online hate machine, there are no winners.

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When someone shoves you, you shove back. Get shoved

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you only had to edit your shitty post 5 times smart guy

God you actually re-read that 5 times?

Get a life idiot, or a dog or puppy or something that makes you happy.

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FlyingTesticle ahahahahaha DOUCHE BAG

I'm glad I avoided college. I'm glad I'm not in debt. I'm glad I've worked real world jobs my whole life.

It is my game, I paid $30 for it, I own it, it's mine mine mine.

bro not many people care this much about grammar. Especially in the online gaming community. Only people that care this much are tart assholes that need something to prove. If you are someone that needs to be taken seriously online, then you REALLY have self esteem issues ahahahahah idiot.

I still make six figures as an information security expert. IT Certifications for the win. Nobody cares what you think.

lol internal struggles, what a tool bag. Hate based issues ahahahahah HOLY SHIT. I'm still fucking laughing.

I donate to charity and am generally a great, loving person in life. Ya I have an infantile attitude LOL.

Bro if anybody has hate based issues, it's you, trying to trash someone so hard an in online forum. Get a life brooooo.

Maybe someone fragged you too much as archer in this boring game. Hang out with your lute players loser, I will slaughter you every time I see you.

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@smellycathawk said:
taiga is a blue team walking and losing sim.

Grad is actually a good map.

Camp is a big open area that is way less interesting than it could be as 80% of the time the entire map is red team pushing a wagon until they win. While some horsemen have fun.

Mountains hurt my eyes and are small and symmetrical therefore uninteresting.

The entire frontline mode just feels lame cause i am standing in a circle. Not fighting to defend my brothers bashing down a castle door. Not defending some helpless peasents. Just fucking standing in a circle for no reason.

Parry is op in mord

Drags are underpowered in mord

The skill ceiling in chiv is currently higher
The map rotation, variety, and the way they play out, in chiv is objectively superior.

The voices in chiv have more options and are just leagues better in every way.

The only reason i play Mordhau is cause i have hope they will fix it. It has sky high potential, where playing chiv is like beating a dead horse. That's the only reason i switched.

Fuck off with hours played just duel me if u wanna measure cox like this.

Where would we be today without our brave warrior ancestors, who fought and died in invisible circles on battlefields everywhere throughout history?

We would all be eating fucking Persian Lamb Kabobs, had it not been for brave Leonidas, and his brave Spartan warriors standing in that invisible circle of Thermopylae for as long as they did.

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I'm having some fun in this game with pure meme builds.

Braavosi Water Dancers

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All lute players are kill on site, they don't belong in the game

All people that stick up for lute players will be hunted

(they are fucking with my spotify playlist in game, and there is no way to turn them down)

Ya i like to party, to good music. I don't need some idiot to make my virtual combat game feel like visiting Guitar Center.

(it's kind of neat, but you create a culture of "it's ok to be afk and roleplay in this game. It's ok to let your team down, nobody cares!")

They all die. Every. Single. One.

Free gold, points and xp!

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i actually just played a game as archer on camp and was 1st/2nd on the list

24 kills, 14 deaths, 19 assists

felt pretty good actually

longbow is decent once you get used to it. Using it on horde mode helped a lot with aiming it.

...i mean it's no 110 kills in a single game but it's a start

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@SoRoofless said:
Wow this OP is a total jerk


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Great sword, not claymore

sure the maps have more polygons, they are going to look and feel better, but they aren't balanced

In terms of value, I've had 100 great hours in Mordhau. At 25$, that's .25 cents every hour, which is about 4x the value of a 90s arcade.

At 60 minutes in, I felt the same way as you do now. Why play Chivalry if Mordhau is out?

After about 100 hours, the PUB scene is boring. It's fun on 2 maps, not fun on the other 2.

I'm sure the masses don't mind because they just play whatever side they want, and don't really care about balance.

I can play red on Taiga and win every game and feel great about myself too.

Yes my argument is the maps are sub par. If we had more maps that were balanced, then my opinion would change. Currently we don't. For now, it's enough for me to go back to Chivalry for the time being. I love fun balanced pub matches that feel like a fight. I don't like to sit through 2 shitty maps for an hour just to get to the good maps. Seems like a waste of time when I could be playing something else that feels more like a game.

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Chivalry has better maps and more of them

Taiga and Mountain Peak are super unbalanced toward one side, and that's half of the 4 maps currently in rotation

So half of Frontline is unplayable

Chivalry has closer matches more often = more consistent fun

...before you say "then go play Chivalry", I'm currently playing Chivalry

Mordhau has great graphics, animations, combat mechanics. Archers got shit on, they aren't viable. I have never seen an archer at the top of the chart. Don't get me wrong, I hate archers, and hated them in Chivalry too... but it was fun to play them once in a while and still feel effective, and that you were still contributing to your team.

People running around naked with 3 firepots. Dudes afk in a corner playing a musical instrument in an online combat game, with 3 afk people around him spamming emotes.

Devs made lutes louder, good call, seems legit.

Mordhau is great if all you like to do is duel. Comp is probably more fun too.

Lol @ perks.

/end rant
flame on
(p.s. I have 2.2k hours in Chivalry. You have less than 100 hours in Mordhau. Your opinion doesn't really matter to me.)