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I imagine there is a more graceful way to simply add a keybind + action to the inis instead of using AHK.

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@Shovonem said:
And if shield backpadel is nerfed even more for more consistent kickstun, good luck playing with shield in 1 v X lol.

If a non-shield user would get overrun by 2 people with an even modest sense of timing vs parry timing, why should a shield user get infinite free parry passes while backpedaling at full speed?
And what is more, in a 1v1 scenario, there has to be a way to punish "hold block forever" in some way, and that was the natural role of the kick - so the shield backpedal has to be slow enough that you don't have to kiss the guy before you have a chance of your kick connecting AND it should NOT be feasible to counter-kick at 100% the same speed, either.

There has got to be a tradeoff for infinite parry-up with a shield - all the arguments I keep hearing are basically "I want all the benefits and no downside like being slower in anything at all ever", which boils down to: You are really just asking for the game to have an easymode if you choose shields.

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@Pred said:

That actually looks like almost a miss, but I've seen this very "effect" (360 personal shield lulzwhynot) happen so many times, I cannot express anymore how sad it makes me.
I don't know why people fight so hard on forums to pretend that they're fine, swing-around-able or otherwise not absolutely in a shape where they need adjustment.

"Its possible to get around a shield" is not the whole truth when it means "there's a 90% smaller window than there should be normally to get around a shield, and sometimes, not even that" in reality.

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@Crumly said:
I am unsure exactly how many times it's happened, but 50-100 at least (i have fourty hours of game time roughly), higher maybe even, where I have used Overhead/right side attack with my axe and smashed them in the back with my axe, then just a plain left side slash while sprinting to the left and ahead, fucking dirt nap time.

Maybe the axes are exceptionally better than this, but it is my daily experience for many, many, many encounters that you basically are guaranteed to hear that shield thwock if the guy is pressing block while any amount of people are attacking them.

Look, its not like I enjoy having to post near daily defense of this being an issue, I would much rather already be playing something where it doesn't take near voodoo magic to hit past a shield. Or where the window between kicking a shield while its up and even a rapier stab is so tiny, that if you blink, you miss your free hit. Or where the time between raising and lowering the shield and being able to attack again is essentially identical with a shield as it is with a normal weapon.

Quite frankly, I don't care which angle is taken. My personal preference actually isn't stamina, but simply a MUCH larger window of not being able to attack and vulnerability between raising and lowering the shield would fix pretty much 30-40% of all frontline teams consisting of shield + short spear/rapier/morningstar.
I mean - if the window in which I can hit a mis-parry of someone with a slow-as-molasses 2h is as wide as a barn door, I don't understand why shields are so much more..shielded.

I'd actually prefer to be able to hit shield users on merit of timing (and not stamina or area nerf), whether its after landing a kick or timing into their lowering of the shield. Because that fits, imo, with the core theme of Mordhau - timing and tactical exchanges.
But right now they basically recover from either of these situations way too close to instantly.

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Just wanted to congratulate you guys on the success.
I've been trying to fend off the "omg, nothing has been fixed in like 5 seconds, I want a refund and will write a negative review" entitlement over in the steam forums a bit, so I am glad to hear the overall numbers are great and that it really is just a minority of people having issues there.
Very glad to see Mordhau is doing well and I hope we'll continue to have a robust core game.
Looking forward to what you guys put out next for it. :)

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If its true that a patch will address this soon then I will just wait to see what that will do.

Other than that, to briefly sympathize with some of you guys: I am tired of hearing that you can "hit around shields", when I have spent 15 hours now watching situations like 3 or 4 people from all angles bash into someone ducking below a shield and absolutely nothing landing until someone either comes up exactly behind him 100% (yes, I've seen hits FROM BEHIND someone get shield-blocked, too, omgwtfbbqsaucehoweven) or the guy ends up squished against a wall and finally some of those slower-than-slow-now-press-slomo-okay-now-imagine-that-slomo-in-slomo-okay-THATS-our-kickspeed kicks land.

And the time between lowering the shield and quickstabbing/swinging seems to be essentially instant.
Just no.

Let's just be honest about what's going on - its that 1h and shield blocks are costing single digit stamina amounts while protecting you better than a Holtzman shield and allowing twoshot-with-head / threeshot kills is not "helping new players". Its screwing up gameplay.

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To be honest, I was not looking at extensive initially at all - I was really thinking of things that boil down to extremely minimalistic numbers and account maintenance in a database, not a huge codebase effort.

But sure, it would be a start to moderate better and more, but if 500k copies have been sold, it is going to be hugely more efficient to have something as simple as "if time on server is greater than 2 minutes and team damage is greater than 20%, kick player with 5 minute ban and warning message not to teamdamage".

If you want to do a touch more, then add remembering users and more escalating steps past that, but for now even a super simple threshold + timing = automated kick and warning would already do heaps and not require more than half a day / day of code and testing.

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tl;dr: In my opinion automated kicking of people with team damage past a threshold of e.g. 50% should be a first step and banning people not just from one but all official servers for more days each time they incur a penalty should be a real threat to griefers and trolls.


I have seen the old chivalry griefpatrol creep in the last 2 days as well.
In my opinion, and what has been proven to work in Chivalry already, votekicks must include displaying the team damage caused by the person put up for the votekick.

Then: Best I know, votekicks are currently limited to one server.
I suspect that thanks to the magic of steam, we could actually make it so that someone who averages a teamdamage value of amount x over a set amount of time actually gets locked out of playing on official servers. Say first a 48 hour lockout, then on repeat offense 72 hours, then a week, and if they keep up playing only to cause team damage, say over 50% (normal players tend to stay in single digits, over 20% usually is intentional misbehavior), for a period of over a month, then you flag their account for review and potentially lock them out for good.

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of multiplayer games being playgrounds for griefers, and hundreds and hundreds of hours in Chivalry have shown to me that self-policing people does not work very well, because it was limited to one server and the lockout expires within the same day.

What the community needs in my opinion is finally real, severe and really consequential policing of bad behavior, so that people who do this as their sole intent get weeded out. I have seen people literally buy games together with their "friends" solely to go into games as a group, grief and teamkill, then back each other up with lies how it was the guy they are teamkilling and not their fault, and then proceed to kickvote out the person they abused, while they stayed around.
This is inacceptable.
This is also something that you cannot fix unless you either automate team damage kicking or have someone do actual dedicated server overview/policing.

I don't know why this issue is not being taken more serious and why the TD percentage that was shown in Chiv wasn't included from day 1 in Mordhau as well. But having griefers and trolls around is something that can completely ruin gameplay and the community, which is why I don't think this should be taken lightly at all.

As for spawn protection, I am all for it, because already cavalry riding through the spawn, firepots into the spawn and catas shooting the spawn is absolutely common on every map.