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Thank you for showing signs of life and addressing a raft of issues.
I continue to hope that professional griefers will eventually suffer more than a few minutes of local ban and that rather than hoping everyone busy fighting is smart enough to vote properly we also get real moderators taking care of the ingame assholes permanently. You know, look out for the actual official server rules.

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I don't feel like making the votekick ban local again is a fix as much as it is a break - assuming votekicks get done properly to griefers.

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  • 29 Jul

Well should we truly have reached a point where the community views pointing out griefers as a bad thing and the mods begin calling trying to clean up the community so it doesn't die a witch hunt, I sincerely think everything has just gone to shit unredeemably.
Maybe I should just start looking into real life games again, at least there people still make sure someone who kicks away the ball intentionally faces repercussions.

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  • 28 Jul

Its all bullshit as basically your chamber will get shieldblocked, then their shield lowering is faster than a kick, AND the kick recovery is slower than the rapier thrust, so all you've just done is handed THEM a free shot on what should have been the entire counter-shield / rapier mechanic to begin with.
And if you disagree, then let's simply add the problem of a basically undetectable / no-tell possible feint window on top of this.

Whatever counter-argument the "nothing is wrong" people have, all I can say is the real ingame experience with people above rank 50 using this shit boils down to - you die regardless of forum flexing of how counterable everything is, period.
While this is the case, the game remains unbalanced AF.
I currently have exactly zero hope anymore for any fixes on any of the issues that have been now known for 8+ weeks, simply because nobody seems to give a flying fuck in general about the game, griefing and broken stuff anymore anyhow.

I've stopped playing until I see some actual change not just in a patch, but in overall attitude in terms of problem awareness. Not caring about pretty much everything that ruins actual game fun does pretty much exactly that - ruin the fun of playing and thus the point of playing.
Which is grossly depressing to me, as I love the generally functioning core underneath all the crap and I would love to add some more triple digit hours played, but nobody seems to want to uncover it.

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If only there were people who had access to the actual core game and its servers, can change who gets access to it, moderate, regulate and overall control who gets to play or not and all those kind of things.

They could, like, you know, ban these kind of people. Like. Permanently.

But then again - where would we get all the great press from about toxicity, racism and general sewage if we got rid of all the people with no life?
So I completely understand why there's no action being taken, its just for the benefit of the overall community.

To maybe highlight this further: That Rhaegar?
That's this guy, with this profile and profile text:

"The famous griefergod and evil genius Rhaegar Targaryen talks about his honorable duty

"I see my work as a contribution to the righteous movement for the holy crusade of trolling and griefing
in Mordhau since the release, as well as in other games. My doings shall not be forgotten and
won't end, as the lord has many ways of access to the game"
(Rhaegar Targaryen - July 28, 2019)


Well. What can I say. Its just never clear whether people really are griefers, so again, I understand why people with the power to change things would not want to impose on anyone.

Also, is there really an incentive to combat the people who openly are hell bent on getting your game down to 0 concurrent players? Surely that's something every dev dreams of.

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More importantly, more than just fixing maps, please use this opportunity to screencap the people doing it, report their steam profile and TRITERNION THEN NEEDS TO ACTUALLY GAME BAN THESE PEOPLE from official servers so that this kind of behavior is discouraged no matter where on the map.

I don't care if you do an "x strikes" system with escalating temporary bans or whatever, just start actually fighting back against people who ruin entire matches while madly spamming the troll character's laugh.

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@Clyde said:
European armour, weapons architecture, clothing, and historical war are explicitly white european identity. People want to play this game not to hit other people with imaginary sharp objects but for the identity, it appeals to. This is blatantly obvious for anyone if it was purely for gameplay with no connection to the white identity or history it wouldn't have been designed the way it is with the eurocentric design choices. I bought one thing, and will not let myself be defrauded as leftist mobs try to destroy it with their intersectional representation politics, I want the eurocentric game I bought to stay eurocentric and not become polluted and destroyed by your politics.

To briefly push some thoughts onto this:
The claim that people want to play a game that centers so much around fighting and decapitation that it has both ingame and achievement based stats not because of that, but because of YOUR political viewpoint (= they want to play it because they connect with "white identity") is both funny and ironic (because you yourself are supposedly against political viewpoints contaminating "your" game).

I would add to this that given a ton of the classes are actually so armoured up that you cannot see their faces nor really much of their gender markers, its actually all the more about stats and killing shit rather than identifying with this armour clad killbot that goes around lobbing heads off.

Empirical counter-evidence of n=1 - me, I bought Chivalry, because it is a melee / swordfighting game where I can cut heads off and play team objective. They could have coloured the people blue under their helmets for all I care, as long as the heads would roll and the blood be red I woulda been fine with it. Same applies to Mordhau, but with Frontline (sadly) instead of Team Objective.

Its a real kicker saying there were "eurocentric" choices in a game about european medieval fighting styles (literally named after the Mordhau grip) is like saying there were italo-centric choices made in a pizza parlor.
Yet, and this is kinda the thing here, you don't have to identify with catholic religion to want to make the best pizza in town.

Just like you don't need to want to be white, or a modern day catholic crusader, prowhite, celebrating whiteness or anything else of that kind of thing, to want to make the best medieval swordfighting game. If medieval swordfighting fascinates you - man, woman, child, any race, gender, whatever - then you are fascinated by swordfighting. By footwork, swings, parries. You know, that kind of thing.
The thing the actual entire Mordhau dev blogs report excitedly about.

Clearly then its a huge leap that a medieval swordfighting game may have gotten made because people liked swordfighting - and in turn people who share this passion might be the ones that want to buy it.


Personal aside: With Clyde I still think its a 50/50 tossup between someone being bored on the internet and writing this BS for shits and giggles or one of the infamous social effects coming into play where the boundary between reality and satire has become so wiped away by mindboggling developments that you can no longer tell whether people really think swordfighting games are about prowhite identity fanboyism or whether its actually just a joke.

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Personally I wish this kind of attention would be turned towards the nightly curse of abhorrent griefers that only join games to block spawns, plant bear traps and spikes for friendlies and team damage via hitting teammates' backs or outright shooting selfmade ballistas at them.

I feel bad that energy that is hopefully going into more maps (actual FL this time instead of King of the Hill would be my desperate, desperate wish; or, ideally a conversion of existing maps into team objective mode maps to introduce that as a new game mode parallel to FL plus 1-2 new ones on top) is being redirected due to this PR mess.

However, just to be clear - I doubt most people expect the core team to go running after chats instead of improving the actual game. But if you want to do something, conceptualize what kind of active moderation official servers deservce and should have, figure out the amount of temp and permanent positions require and get dedicated people for this.

Or more bluntly: If you are sincere, don't just say "We plan on improving in this regard", get something underway that improves community reporting tools in the next patches and implement someone as a contact point who can actually act on things that spring from that.

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While I think the meme pics were pointless, this is the kind of advice I would give everyone.
Especially the people who keep going "OMG stop chatting and just play already" should really have a look at that disable the chatbox option.

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Since this is what summer-bored people are talking about, let's add a slightly cynical-but-likely-real perspective. One where the OP doesn't start out with internet memes and acronyms.

Two months of doing jack shit to moderate a million+ copies selling game, despite huge and visible feedback on all forums related to the game => bad PR and press.
Who could have imagined such an unpredictable outcome? Well, everyone.

If one were cynical, one could say: There is really no issue.
Because: The profits are already booked, whether or not the game dies down a tiny bit or even if massively.
Since there hasn't been a huge investment in order to address any of the complaints about toxicity across three forums, there's no need to downsize moderators, positions or temps due to a slowdown in sales.

Had it been the real intention to fix any of this kind of behavior, something would have been done, money would have been spent, servers would have gotten moderated. Simple as that. Takes a weekend to recruit a few dozen people and you would have overseers doing at the very least basic server moderation, as any private server with its own admin would have. And forums would get cleaned up far more as well.

I would claim that Triternion is getting exactly what they inofficially wanted anyhow: To be left alone with their version of a Wild West when it comes to ingame chat and forums, while predominantly working on game patches, content and/or, cynical mode again, working on a solid exit plan that keeps most of the surprisingly large sum of money made intact.

I don't write this to say there's any kind of moneygrab conspiracy, nor to claim there's something like burning racism or whatever fever dream one might have on this.
Quite the opposite.
I think what roughly happened is that some folks that did something they all wanted to do lucked hugely into a large sum of money, don't really have a very real-life-life corporate value system or PR awareness, and are simply trying to get on with things.

There's a shitton going wrong from an outside perspective. But for "people who live online", a lot of this stuff is just daily online life, which is why folks here are so incredibly tone deaf to a thread title like the mentioned "kniggas" one. In the overall scope of things churned out in online threads and chats, its just tame in comparison.
In a real world corporate setting, with this kind of verbiage being public to the outside world, people would have been fired, statements issued, apologies made, etc.

So this is where I think this disconnect is from. Which also explains the disconnect between the gaming press - who view this like it would a "normal" game-making outfit - and the bundle of people around Mordhau.

My point is - I suspect there's a lot of artificial shit currently being heaped onto this through this coverage. But I actually think its far less emotional at Tri. Which is also why nobody has given a shit, nor do they currently give more of a shit.
There's just a blindness to all of this, and, again as mentioned before, so long as the money is already spent, refunds no longer possible and the million+ copies sold, what really scary thing is there left to happen if Tri fucks up PR? A bad rep regarding moderation?
So what? The MP world is already toxic AF and people have given up on things changing for the most part. And the actual blobs of "freedom of speech" snowflakes, the ones that think all rules of society that enable peaceful co-existence are fascist oppression measures targeted specifically at their precious little souls, actually eat that kind of thing up and will cheer tolerating toxicity and hate on - no matter how far gone it is.

There is no real leverage or incentive for change. This I believe is the current state of things.

Whether people should want at least a tiny bit of moderation is another subject.
Personally, while I don't love this, I am okay with click-to-mute and keep playing, as the chat does nothing and muting assholes means you miss absolutely nothing, either.


As a small Post-Scriptum:
What actually needs some real moderation and is a very real threat to playing however, is griefing.
3 out of 5 times that I play there are people blocking spawn exits, placing bear traps, spikes or plainly sneaking up behind teammates to do teamdamage / teamkills.
These people need to lose access to this and, quite frankly, any game they do this in. I don't give a shit about excuses like "But you can get bored quickly".
Ruining other's game enjoyment is not excused by you feeling entitled by boredom. Go live out your shitty ego offline where people can show you how they feel about this kind of thing in person.

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  • 22 Jun

Most important change:
Remove it from Frontline rotation, because its a King of the Hill map, not Frontline, and I have to get out of servers every 30 minutes because people keep voting for it and I want to play Frontline in a Frontline mode server..

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Also, not sure where to post it, but i've made my first cinematic

Aww, the game can look quite nice in that mode.
Got to say though, you made the slo-mo feel more drawn out than having to play a map of Crossroads..

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  • 21 Jun

@LumpyCustard said:
Hey guys, i've been screwing around with demo mode and am in the process of writing a full guide. This is a list of commands i've compiled from various sources, as well as my own findings.

That's nice, thanks. Have you by any chance figured out how to make it so that its identifyable who is doing what in the demo? I.e. show playernames over their heads somehow, like when spectating ingame?

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  • 19 Jun

I scrolled a bit through it..the commentary was painful and maximum cringe.
The fighters apparently did not take themselves or the entire thing very serious (fists and frying pans, wooden shovels).

For a title that sounds like it wants to convey "Competitive matches", this was just awful and painful to see and hear.
I cannot believe this is the kind of thing that gets tens of thousands of dollars as a reward.

I had hoped to see e.g. 4v4 or 8v8 team based matches, maybe a ranked 1v1 duel progression of 12 people from 12 clans pyramiding towards a top 3..

I think I simply don't "get" Twitch. Or, well, maybe I am 25+ years too old for this kind of thing.

Still, good on Mordhau I guess?
Maybe we can use all this popularity and money to expand resources, develop actual Ladders and duel modes and get this all to be more interesting 6-12 months down the line.

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  • 19 Jun

@HalldeiMaul said:
From the article:
Why is it so hard for other Devs to grow balls and do this?
Gather more community managers, clear out the rot and things will improve.

So maybe saying the devs are cowards is a bit presumptuous, and highly ironic given the context of this discussion.

  1. I said "for other Devs" as in: Developers outside of the ones in the article. While this does include Triternion, I want to make it clear I would want this from everyone, not just Triternion or the guys in the article. I expect that if the gaming industry wants to be more mainstream, adult and even "E-Sports", it should also be normal to not allow griefing, trolling and casual hatespeak, mainly because in any kind of sports or workplace, you would also get disqualified or fired if you acted in any way remotely like this.

Here a quick word directly at this special crowd:
Wanting to be a special "troll snowflake" that gets a free pass to say and do anything anytime anywhere online because whatever made up reason you currently are going with should not be encouraged by rational adults. Yes, you read that right: If having to obey rules in society is too hard on you, you're the one that is the snowflake that can't handle real life, because spoiler alert, all of real life runs based on rules and if you ignore them, you get blocked from access to anything from jobs to stores and services, and, next level shit I know, in several instances simply go to court and subsequently jail. Shocking, yet true. De-snowflake yourself by realizing you don't actually live in this made up, virtual online-only world that you feel entitled to do anything in - hard as it may initially seem. Rules exist and they're not what defines "fascism", no matter how strong your victim complex.

  1. I want to make it clear that I do not currently have any reason to think that Triternion are acting out of cowardice as their motive in anything.

  2. I specifically said there should be a system of community managers - unpaid volunteers that would require their own system of proofing, checks and balances - and not thirteen people who are already busy working on the core game itself. But these CMs need access and priviledges to actually lock out profiles from servers, so yes, a small bit of time involvement would be required there, plus obviously someone doing oversight. But its not the actual moderation itself that would have to lie on the core team. It would neither be realistic nor feasible. As usual a mix of automation and community aided moderation is necessary.

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  • 17 Jun

From the article:

A second offence leads to a two-hour suspension, and a third leads to an official investigation that may result in a permanent ban.
[..] having clear consequences for harmful behaviour: “sends a message to the community that the developers are taking measures to instil less toxic community norms, and most importantly that they’re willing to enforce those expectations.”

Why is it so hard for other Devs to grow balls and do this?
Gather more community managers, clear out the rot and things will improve.

All of this stuff is parenting 101.
Show the child clear boundaries.
Make better alternatives relateable, clear and understood.
Sanction transgressions reliably.

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  • 17 Jun

Horses are broken as hell and it bothers me a good bit that people will knowingly or unknowingly state that this is not so.
Why would anyone lie about something like this?
And if there's 2-3 horses to be had, you can bet the farm on them rotating through your spawn, regardless of where the objectives are.

Horses staying broken / overpowered robs people who want to play the game of any fun as you just spawn into "death from horses", just as much as horses are basically invulnerable to everything except ballistas and gambly-randomish billhooks.

Even if there's people brave and smart enough to play as engineer and place spikes, horses often have enough alternate routes to still rotate through spawns.
Its a real issue and people ingame and in forums trying to misrepresent this constantly is just absurd when the actual game reality (just play 10 minutes of "Grad") quickly disproves all of this "horses are fine" nonsense.

Nightly dreams:

  • all attacks from horses, including couched weapons, should be blockable if timed right
  • if you can get flinched by the horse, then the horse running into you at full speed with you in plate should topple the horse and rider just as easily
  • spawns finally become taboo and protected

..quite honestly at this point I'd rather just play a horseless Mordhau in order to actually get to play Mordhau.

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  • 17 Jun

Well I hope there eventually is a spawn/horse fix. As it stands, the people on horse are in oneshot godmode and spawn protection basically does not exist 0.1s after you spawn, so horses on every damn map just rotate through the spawn paths and oneshot people.

What is the point of spawning into oneshot death? How is this fun? How was this never an issue?
These are the things I will never understand about the development cycle.

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  • 17 Jun

Make servers first person view only, make maximum POV 90, problem solved?

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  • 17 Jun

Its a very warped mind that thinks the person pointing out that someone else saying "Gas all the jews" is not cool is the actual "fascist".

Its forum threads like these that always makes me wonder if there's any parenting left in the world.