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  • 20 Aug '20

Anyone have any info on banning certain weapons from a duel server? I have joined servers that didn't seem to have any mod downloads before entering but were able to ban weapons from use.

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  • 21 Jun '19

The last few patches have introduced a lot of weird jitter/microstutter for me, even on 48p servers.

I've got 105 hours in Mordhau and since the patches i've had to reduce quality and resolution for the first time since buying the game, and even though my FPS is hovering around 80 - 100+ i still experience microstutter.

The microstutter always seems to happen when i'm in a fight with someone as I approach them.

i7 6700K
3440x1440 (have now lowered to 2560x1080 to improve performance)

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  • 13 May '19

Using ALT+Enter to switch between windowed and fullscreen does not work when there are clickable menu elements on the screen.

For example, on the server selection screen, clicking refresh then attempting to switch to windowed mode does not work. You must specifically click a blank area on the screen then use the button combination for it to register.

On the map select screen it does not work.

On the spawn select screen it does not work.

On the mercenary customisation screen it does not work.