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  • 6 Jul '19

@SWSeriousMike said:

I feel bad about rewarding your laziness.

Thank you so much! If it makes ya feel better, I gave ya a Like for your effort.

Also, in my shamelessly biased opinion, 'normal' & 'human' is an Oxymoron.

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  • 6 Jul '19

@smug said:

@Fusha said:
For something that was “decided shortly after launch and in internal discussions”, you sure took your time to communicate it to your player base, despite acknowledging the large number of discussions on the topic. Why is it that we hear about decisions like this only after a coordinated PR attack by online activists? I'm calling a cave in.

Mods will fix it I suppose, but this is the last time I'm buying a game on release that doesn't have complete development transparency.

What? Read their kickstarter

I would welcome a Link to the Kickstarter Page for getting more Mordhau Literate please. :)

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  • 4 Jul '19

Many thanks for the info Devs!

Also, I know full well gal warriors in Medieval Times weren't common, but surely they didn't just not exist either. Surely Norse Legend Valkyries didn't just video game style promote into Valkyries from the Base Class of 'didn't do a damn thing violent gals who stayed at home & just cooked, cleaned, & did laundry'... That can't compute with me.

I bet Sparta Women would be amazed to know that they & their tomboyish ways never existed & they just hallucinated it the whole time... Oh, & Amazon Warriors say "Hi!"...

The Irish & Celts were known to have strong gals in their time as well... especially when those gals were Redheads. (<3 Redhead Gals <3)

There might have been very very rare Female Samurai in Japan... also there were enough Female Ninjas in ancient times that they had a special designation to themselves... "Kunoichi".

Also, France... who here has heard of the legend of "Joan of Arc"? (Who if I remember right went into battle in Heavy Armor...)

So... what was that that the voice of Chauvinist Pigs were saying about Gals being incapable of belonging on a Medieval Battlefield...? In my Shamelessly Biased Opinion, Gender Inequality is Bullshit. I rest my case.

Lastly, this Game is the Dev's game & they can do what they wish with it, including deciding how they wanna bring Gals into the fray & how so... & I will abide by it & work within the parameters they grant us. With that said, I can't help but to hope I can inspire your imaginations with some ideas for future Gal Characters i'd enjoy playing in this game... in no particular order:

1: Exiled Redhead Irish Princess...

2: Keira Knightley Character in King Arthur Movie inspired Female Archer. (If she wants to die everytime an Enemy Arrow finds her naked belly, she's responsible for the consequences of her choices, Truth in Television. )

3: Exiled Female Japanese Katana Wielder Mercenary. (If I remember right, in Medieval Times, Gals who were caught wielding a Katana were killed for daring to wield such a supposedly 'sacred' weapon while being gals instead of guys... I envision the Roleplay that my Gal said "Bleep YOU!!!" to that sexist unjust rule & trained to awesome proficiency at the Katana, but was eventually discovered & fled her Homeland to escape Execution & self-Banished vowing never to return, she traveled West all the way to Europe & makes her living as a Mercenary for Hire to make ends meet & keep herself fed & such.)

4: How can I not make a Joan of Arc inspired Character... aka a Heavy Armor Female...?

Food for thought...?

P.S. Ya chauvinist pigs would already have a way to 'argue' against Gal Characters... it's called... "Your Weapons". Peeps like me who think Gender Inequality is Bullshit also have a way to 'counter-argue' as well, yep, ya guessed it... our Weapons! One of the major causes of Battle & Conflict was disagreement & non-acceptance of Ideals not one's own... Mordhau can embrace this as a additional component for Fun Factor!

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  • 19 Jun '19

@HalldeiMaul said:
I scrolled a bit through it..the commentary was painful and maximum cringe.
The fighters apparently did not take themselves or the entire thing very serious (fists and frying pans, wooden shovels).

For a title that sounds like it wants to convey "Competitive matches", this was just awful and painful to see and hear.
I cannot believe this is the kind of thing that gets tens of thousands of dollars as a reward.

I had hoped to see e.g. 4v4 or 8v8 team based matches, maybe a ranked 1v1 duel progression of 12 people from 12 clans pyramiding towards a top 3..

I think I simply don't "get" Twitch. Or, well, maybe I am 25+ years too old for this kind of thing.

Still, good on Mordhau I guess?
Maybe we can use all this popularity and money to expand resources, develop actual Ladders and duel modes and get this all to be more interesting 6-12 months down the line.

Don't be so quick to underestimate Frying Pans... they're better then people tend to think. Underrated imho. Good on the Twitchers to give some of the Underrated Weapons some much needed Spotlight.

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  • 16 Jun '19

Any chance of future Mordhau Merchandise with Axe Themes... including but not limited to the War Axe & Heavy Handaxe?