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  • 5 May '19

Hi All!

First I want to thank Vin¢ for such great guide he has written.

This message is for anyone out there planning to deploy Mordhau server in Amazon EC2 (aka. free plan).

I chose my setup according to Vin¢'s guide.

  • Step 1 - Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI): Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type
  • Step 2 - Choose an Instance Type: t3.micro (Variable ECUs, 2 vCPUs, 2.5 GHz, Intel Skylake P-8175, 1 GiB memory, EBS only)
  • Step 3 - Configure Instance Details: Default instance configuration
  • Step 4 - Add Storage: 30Gb of General purpose SSD
  • Step 6 - Configure Security Group:
    • Default SSH, choose 'My IP' from dropdown menu in source column.
    • Add rule: 'All TCP' and set source 'anywhere'
    • Add rule: 'All UDP' and set source 'anywhere'

Now after you have launched your instance, installation wizard will provide you a private key(.pem), download this file and follow instructions how to establish SSH connection with Putty or by ssh command in linux. (with putty you need to use PuTTYgen to transform that key file into .ppk format for putty to use.)

After you have established connection to your instance, you can start executing Vin¢'s guide steps.

But there is one exception: When you create steam user inside ubuntu, you need to remember to give that user a password and add that user into 'sudo group' otherwise dependency installation will fail (atleast in my case)

sudo passwd steam will change steam user's password
usermod -aG sudo steam will add user to the sudo-group so now you can execute that dependency command.

Other notes, I recommend taking instance snapshot before proceeding to server installation steps, if something goes wrong you can easily return that snapshot without need to create whole instance again.

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  • 4 May '19

Im having this same issue with my slow computer, thanks for tips.