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You have a great thing going here. Focus on adding content and not micromanaging your community. You made ignore features so people can deal with trolls themselves easily and efficiently. Really bad or multiple offenders can be reported and banned with evidence.

Anything you do will never be good enough for these people currently attacking you and your game. Even with your latest statement you have not appeased these people in the least. You could regulate your community with an iron fist and they will still find a reason to attack you. Just take a stroll to the forums these people reside in and you can see this plain as day. This isn't about making your community less toxic or better, this is about power.

Regarding the "gender toggle" I won't use it but if it is easy to do maybe you will reconsider adding it because more options are always better and it would be a harmless way to compromise with everyone. I could see people that would want such a thing and being denied it trolling and harassing female characters in-game. You can't take away people's ability to be assholes.

Love your game and thank you for all your hard work!

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I am having an issue. I am trying to run a dedicated server on my spare laptop and looking at the log it says it was created successfully. When I get on my main PC I can see my server but when I try to go into it it says joining server, the cancel button greys, and after a few minutes says connection lost. Any ideas why this is happening?

EDIT NEVERMIND I FIGURED IT OUT. If anyone else has this issue I forwarded the ports on the front page but apparently there are more ports you need to forward and someone has them listed a few pages back. Worked great KTHX