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  • 12 May '19

Tired of hearing people cry about smaller one handed swords (rapiers/daggers/bastard sword) being faster than there massive 2h swords like bitch please.
Use your brain dude! You pick up and 6ft iron sword swing it up over your head, I'll pick up a butter knife and we will see who is faster.... Literally 1iq xd

It's easy counterable. Try and use it yourself you can learn alot about a weapon weakness if you use it for yourself

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  • 11 May '19

@ToLazy4Name said:
It's understandable why people don't like rapier, but it's honestly just a joke of a weapon at higher levels of play.

Literally what this guy said.

I understand it seemingly being op to the new player/panic blocker but it really isn't that strong.

Rapier buckler combo is absolutely fine and historically accurate, it's the kite shield in my opinion that causes concern.

I also understand that 90% of people want to wield a massive 2 handed sword of awesomeness but at the same time it can't do the most damage+be the fastest+have the best reach everything must have a counter or a favourable match up

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  • 4 May '19

Maybe they should add 2h game mode only, so you all can play helicopters together ;)

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  • 4 May '19

Sounds like alot of you guys are salty af and want everything but 2h swords removed xd

Shields retarded af wtf qq
Rapier so OP man omg
Spears unbeatable such bs
Archers so dumb all shit pussies

Imagine crying about getting smashed by a fast jousting esc blade with your big heavy 2h sword such injustice and imbalance ;)

Talk about shields being cancerous on frontline, when every cunt is running around with a 2h swords... Constantly swinging it round there heads like some mental jedi warriors.

Everything counterable easily. Someone above said kicks leave you open, then try morphing your kicks. You CAN stab round it. Throwing axes, daggers and arrows can also hit them if you hit them in the right area, fire bombs... List goes on.

If there back paddling, get around them.
If there turtled in a corner, kick them

Actually simple.

It's actually nice to see some diversity on the battlefield, 2h sword users are Residentsleepers

Love AJ <3