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@ExCTyrdlu said:
I created start script for systemd with on failure restart and update validate

Systemd unit

sudo cat > /etc/systemd/system/mordhau.service <<EOL
Description=Mordhau Server

ExecStartPre=/home/steam/Steam/ +login anonymous +runscript /home/steam/Steam/update_mordhau.txt
ExecStart=/home/steam/Steam/mordhau/Mordhau/Binaries/Linux/MordhauServer-Linux-Shipping Mordhau
ExecStop=/bin/kill -SIGINT $MAINPID



sudo systemctl enable mordhau.service

sudo systemctl start mordhau.service

it replaces the original startup script you can only use this one.

Can you please tell me how to start the server on a specific Port and QueryPort?
Normally i start my second server on the same machine with nohup ./ -Port=7780 -QueryPort=27016 &
Where do i have to append these parameters in the mordhau.service?

Found a solution myself. Just add -Port=7780 -QueryPort=27016 to ExecStart Command

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@Sulfur said:

@Strigon1 said:
OK BOYS I finally found a fix that works for me (AMD CPU)
For me personally, the issue was/is completely related to audio. You will know very quickly if your freezing problem is audio related if you lower EFFECTS VOLUME to 0 in the in game settings menu. This was a temporary fix for me but obviously nobody wants to play the game on mute.

  1. Disable any audio drivers you aren't using in device manager
  2. Make sure you are using surround 7.1 speaker. For example I have realtekHD and it was set to stereo for some reason instead of 7.1.

This works, having no stuttering issues after doing this

Where is the option to change stereo to surround in realtek HD?

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hey guys.

awesome footage. I think in the first match the skill difference seemed to be pretty high.

Is a discord the right way for meeting people to play against? I never used discord, but im willing to use it if its good.

I was thinking about a website for match finding, like in other games earlier. No big thing because the devs will develop their own system but with a chat and a overview of available matches. Question is:

What are you guys using today? Is Discord a nice way for such a thing or would a own website with own functions be better?

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i have 2 Servers. After the Linux Server Hotfix yesterday both servers worked well and you could find them in server browser. We played till deep in the night.
When coming online this morning, one server is not reachable anymore via server browser, but the srever is up and runnning. I can connect via open und Steam server browser but no publishing in mordhau server browser. Even an update had no effect.
New bug or am i missing something?


just came online after launch and my server is listed and full. thanks if you fixed something on your side

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idk if i did it right but i just installed the server again with another user. so i have a frontline and a dm server

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you are not alone

Edit: I found out that the weird signs in Game.ini after launching the game are only shown when i use nano for editing. With vi everthing looks fine and i can just edit the config

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found that thread after a hour :/

Running: Ubuntu 18.04

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I had exactly the same problem with the Game.ini.
Could someone post his Game.ini so i have a working one?

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Hey guys,
could one of you please post the Game.ini of his Linux-Server? I just installed a gameserver but after editing the Game.ini and editing it again it just showed weird chars.

Would be nice if anyone of you could help me.