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We desperately need RCON. Typically with games like this I'll set a bot to watch the chat and if anyone decides they're cool enough to use certain words they get an automatic day-long ban.

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Same here. My server never showed on the in-game server list, but I could at least connect to it using the console. Now I can't even do that.

Edit: Running Ubuntu.

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I came here looking for just this, and not ashamed to bump an old thread rather than creating a duplicate one. I'm from a mature gaming community that's about a year old and we love drinking beer and competing with each other.

We also love MORDHAU with an unhealthy amount of dedication at this point.

I'd commit multiple criminal acts for a game-controlled tournament mode. Not actually of course, but maybe.

Here's my recommendation:

  • All players that join the server before the round kicks off are a part of that round's tournament. Minimum of X amount of players to start the tournament begin countdown, of course.

  • All the players are paired up for duels in individual rings and they're all given the green flag at the same time with a time limit. Consider this Tier 1 of the tournament.

  • The winners move up the chain to Tier 2, losers are given the opportunity to continue competing at Tier 1 with other Tier 1 players. If a duel expires based on time limit, both players are held back from progressing to the next tier.

  • The winners of the each successive round move up a tier and the losers (and ties) stay at their tier.

  • A tier is eliminated when only 1 person remains in it and there are no valid/active tiers beneath it, or when the maximum tier currently running exceeds that tier by 3 tiers. E.g. once Tier 4 goes live, Tier 1 would be eliminated regardless of remaining combatants.

  • If a tier remains stagnant for 3 rounds in a row (no progression or changes, likely due to ties), that tier is eliminated.

  • This process continues until, inevitably, there is only one tier left and only one person left in it.

This would take a fair bit of coding, but it shouldn't be completely out of the question. The rounds would be simple time-based rounds, or until each ring only has a single individual left standing. The tiers should be fairly straightforward to control as they simply increment. Anyone who is completely eliminated could still spectate as well.

This tournament method could be applied to all sorts of activities once established: Jousting matches, sword mastery matches, polearm mastery matches, sword and board mastery matches, etc. The XP and gold rewards could increase based on the tier level you ultimately reach. Next to nothing for tier 1, something for tier 2, more than something for tier 3, etc.