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@GODAIME said:

  • maybe this bug is rare, because me and this guy from the video have it binded to custom key?

Hi! I'm the one in the video and I only binded to a key (rather than mouse wheel/button) so people won't say i'm having a shitty scrollwheel. It doesn't matter which hardware, key, wheel its binded to.

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  • 3 May '19

Thrust attack often delays 2-4 seconds (from keypress to animation), can do swings and other things in the meantime, then suddenly the seconds ago pressed thrust starts working.

Things i know:
Not hardware related (put it on a keyboard button, 4790k+1070+16gb ram)
Not spamming (duel server, sometimes can't even start a duel with a thrust)
Not out of stamina or things like that.
Not weapon related, happens with spears, rapier..

Have a thread here but didn't got any meaningful answers yet: