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 [BKC] Matt

Achievements on their own are always a bit fun to strive for, however the issue with achievements in most games is that they don't feel rewarding.

Thus I recommend adding some form of reward to earning an achievement (if you've already earned it, you'll get the reward of course).

What comes to mind first is gold and exp to help out new players. Of course this won't help those who are already swimming in gold and levels but, it's a way to help new players ease into the game and let them make their own builds as the start can be a bit of a slog.

My first idea was to have rewards based on difficulty but, no, there isn't exactly a clear difference in difficulty between achievements so instead I propose a fixed reward for each one.

What I think the reward should be for every individual achievement (excluding hidden ones) is the following:

Gold: 500
Experience: 300

Total: 37 achievements (as of right now)
Gold: 18,500
Experience: 11,100

That might look like a lot on paper but, it isn't rich-levels of rewards as most cosmetic things you can buy cost around 1k and more depending on the item.

The exp isn't substantial either, perhaps in the first few levels but it won't exactly get you to 20 or beyond and is mostly just to help you unlock most of the base items, colours and so forth.

And that's if you actually bother about doing achievements, some are easy and you barely even notice you get it but if you want the full reward, you'll have to do every single one of them.

So again, it's just to help people along at the start.

However, more experienced players may feel left out and in that case, I propose some sort of cosmetic reward for every 10 achievements you earn. Whether it's a new colour, banner, piece of armour or weapon skin. Something cosmetic to show that you've earned X amount of achievements and actually have a way to show it to fellow players. Perhaps you get a fancy icon next to your name, or both.

Another cool thing to see in the future would be a way to customise your own horse. An appearance that would be applied once you mount a horse. Perhaps unlocking 20 achievements rewards the ability to customise your own horse, give it different colours, emblems and even barding that you could unlock through progression. Alas that is something else entirety.

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  • 15 May
 [BKC] Matt

I think baseline, lute should give something like 5% increased movement speed for any ally within 10 meters. If other instruments are added in the future (which I hope, I want me some dope war drums), this could be re-thought for different instruments.

War drums - While playing the instrument, damage of allies within 10 meters is increased by 5%.
Lute - While playing the instrument, movement speed of allies within 10 meters is increased by 5%.
Shawm - While playing the instrument, allies within 10 meters regenerate 5 HP per second while not in combat.
Bagpipe - While playing the instrument, allies within 10 meters take 5% less damage.

Or, they could all just share one or two buffs to not make it too crazy. Lute & Shawm increasing movement speed, drums and bagpipes increasing damage, for example.

It's important that the buffs don't stack, that way, the most optimal is to have 2-4 lutists per team (one for each instrument), whether they're just spamming the s**t out of the buttons or use lutebot, they'll still actually provide something for the team and the chances are that they'll actually tag along rather than sit back. And it is also important that the numbers aren't too high etc.

Obviously I liked the ideas I saw some people mention so I tried my best to expand on them in one post.

Additionally, I'd add a new perk for musicians in general, so that they feel like they can actually be more useful to their team.

Music of War / Martial Music - 4 points

  • Effects from instruments are 40% stronger and now reach allies within 20 meters.

40% stronger means 5% becomes 7% and 5hp/sec becomes 7hp/sec. Not a massive buff but paired with the larger range, it should definitely help.

Numbers would most likely be tuned but, 'tis just an idea.

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  • 15 May
 [BKC] Matt

@urm said:
I don't understand why toolbox starts with 5/6 ammo. My point about it adding nothing but annoyance still stands.

Just to mess with you. :^)
But yea I wholly agree, 5/6 is so weird lmao.

Though additionally, I think, if someone other than the person that built the ballista uses it, 50% of the score should go to the person who placed it because.. they placed it for support, give em some points for helping out even if they're not shooting; they could be off placing spikes or barricades in the meantime or something.

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 [BKC] Matt

Reason I want the Huntsman perk retired is because I want to replace it with two others exclusive to bows/crossbows (aka, only shown on the perk list if either is equipped in a gear slot).

Currently, what Huntsman does is increased projectile damage of bows/crossbows/throwables versus people with bows/crossbows by 100% when hitting torso/head.

The perks I'd replace it with are the following:

Bodkin Arrows - 2 points

  • Increases projectile damage of Bows and Crossbows by 20% versus Medium Armor and 10% versus Heavy Armor. Projectiles travel 30% faster.

The reason why bodkins were invented is not truly known, it is speculated that they came to be either for faster flight speed, cheaper production or to pierce armour. And with there being limited tests, it cannot be confirmed if they were used to pierce armour, however, modern tests have proven that in some cases they can. Hence why the damage increase is fairly low. Although, a smaller point travelling at a faster speed would have a better chance than a broadhead at piercing.

Projectile speeds
Crossbow: 8,050 -> 10,465
Longbow: 7,650 -> 9,945
Recurve Bow: 7,450 -> 9,685

Broadhead Arrows - 2 points

  • Increases projectile damage of Bows and Crossbows by 50% versus No Armor and by 30% versus Light Armor. The target will bleed for an additional 15 damage over 3 seconds.

Note: The bleed does not work against Medium/Heavy Armor. Bleed does not stack and only applies once on a target unless they've healed back to full, in which case the bleed can happen again. This way littering someone with arrows in the legs using a recurve bow won't make them bleed to death in two seconds from having 5 bleed stacks on them, lmao.

Why the bleed? Because broadhead tips were meant to cause devastating wounds against the targets they hit and do cause bleeding in real life, as such it makes sense.
Of course, I won't deny that some numbers-tuning would probably be required but, it's simply an idea so far. Personally I like the idea of switching between broadhead/bodkin arrows due to their differences.

The idea is for them to be mutually exclusive.
Choose one and you cannot choose the other. Choosing the other will simply switch which perk you use.

Splitting Huntsman into the two above perks allowed me to think of some neat/unique bonuses to each as in real life they both have different uses as well as pros/cons that I did my best to integrate into perks in a (hopefully) fun way.

Even if the bonus damage is of no interest to a person, the faster projectiles or bleed (versus some targets) can be a fun choice in itself.

Being able to snipe moving/distant targets better due to the faster projectiles is something I'd personally have fun with.
But on the same coin, it'd be fun finishing someone off by making them bleed to death after hitting them with an arrow after they've been weakened. As long as they wear no armor/light armor of course.

This is simply a suggestion, but one I personally enjoy.

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I'd prefer adding an Arbalest ("heavy crossbow") rather than buff the current one.

Pros and cons:


  • More damage.
  • Even more effective range (although aiming long distances is tough in itself).


  • Longer reload time as arbalests required a windlass to cock it. Skilled arbalestiers could fire about two bolts per minute to give you a sense of reload speed.
  • Cost would be 11 points like a longbow.


  • Due to the long reload speed, I'd also suggest a new perk:
    Arbalestier - 2 points
    Crossbows and Arbalests reload 20% faster.
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Frying pans for life.

Nothing in this game is more satisfying than the loud fkin 'clunk' as you throw your frying pan at a foe's head (especially those fleeing from being scared shitless of you) just to watch them fall down and die from the immense power that is a fat, chunky peasant with his top quality peasant hat and three frying pans, spamming the living hell out of the (V) button in your face and as he runs over your panned corpse.

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  • 3 May
 [BKC] Matt

I love the perk system in Mordhau, while I'd say some could use some touch-ups and a few more could be added for even more build diversity, what I'd really love to see is perks specific to Horde mode.

Here are some examples I came up with just to give an idea:

Marathoner - 3 points
Movement speed and stamina increased by 20%.

Regeneration - 3 points
Health is regenerated 50% faster. 10% of regeneration may continue during combat.

Haggler - 3 points
The cost of items that don't already have their costs affected by other perks have their cost reduced by 20%.

Aka, Haggler does not stack with Builders' Guild Discount for example.

Masochist - 3 points
Your health is increased by 15% and you take 15% less damage. 15% of damage taken is healed over 5 seconds.

Stealth - 3 points
While crouching, enemies cannot find you unless they've seen you. Movement speed while crouching is increased by 15%.

Master Engineer - 6 points
Toolbox contraptions are built 50% faster and you repair them twice as fast.

Builders' Guild Discount - 6 points
The cost of the Toolbox is reduced by 60% and Toolbox Ammo by 40%. Wooden Mallets are free.

Toolbox: 250 -> 100
Toolbox Ammo: 50 -> 30

Currently I feel like the Toolbox is a little hard to get due to its high cost and the slow ramp-up of currency in the early stages (I love to build, so having it be unavailable for so long maketh me sad.)

Defensive Offensive - 6 points
Mounted Crossbows deal 50% increased damage and recharge its ammo twice as fast.
Spikes deal 25% increased damage and are 25% more durable.
Barricades are 50% more durable and are equipped with spikes that deal half the damage of Spikes.

(On that note, what are the official game-names for these contraptions anyway? Can't find anything :c)

Guardian - 6 points
Light armor is 40% more effective.
Medium armor is 30% more effective.
Heavy armor is 20% more effective.

Assassin - 6 points
Damage with the Dagger is increased by 40%.
Attacks with the Dagger from behind deal triple damage.
If an enemy is struck with a Dagger, they'll be poisoned, taking an additional 120% of the Dagger's damage over 6 seconds while moving 20% slower.

Berserker - 6 points
Melee damage is increased by 1% for every 1% of missing health.
Bonus is increased to 2% per 1% missing if no armor is worn.

Deadshot - 6 points
Headshots with bows have a 10% chance of instantly killing a boss or an enemy with a helmet.

Sniper - 6 points
Shots with bows deal 8% increased damage for every 4 meters between you and the target.
Bonus is increased to 16% if it is a headshot.

Fletcher - 6 points
Your ammo capacity for all bows is increased by 15.

Medic - 6 points
Bandages can be used on other players and are applied 50% faster. Medic bags have twice as many uses.

I imagine bandages can be used on other players by pressing (R) while in range.

Muscle Jock - 6 points
Fists deal 200% increased damage and stun an enemy for 1.5 seconds the first time they're hit. Melee weapons deal 50% more damage.

Appearance change: Makes the character appear as buff as possible

Martial Artist - 6 points
Each time you combo a punch, it deals 30% more damage, stacking to a max of 120% until you run out of stamina.

Frenzy - 6 points
Every horizontal swing combo made with a melee weapon increases its damage by 50% to a max of 200%. When dealing 200% damage, your weapon will tear through enemy shields until you run out of stamina. Does not include fists.

For those LMB-spammers out there <3

Pyromaniac - 15 points
Fire Bombs now have 3 ammo each, deal 30% increased damage, have a 30% larger area of effect and are 30% cheaper.

100 -> 70

Grim Reaper - 15 points
You start off with a scythe and your damage with the scythe is increased by 500%, your health is increased by 100%, but you cannot heal, you move 50% slower and cannot change weapons.

Appearance change: Gives you a black hood and a black tabard to match the theme (unless a black robe is added lmao)

Angry Peasant Mob - 15 points
You start off as a peasant with a random peasant weapon, accompanied by 1 A.I peasant. Every 4 rounds a new peasant joins your mob. When you or a peasant from your mob kills an enemy, the damage and health of your mob is permanently increased by 3%.
You cannot change weapons.

Appearance change: Makes you look like a real, angry peasant.
Burn the witches?

I'll leave it up to the reader to imagine what perk combos would be fun to smack around A.I with. :')

These are by no means a requirement (and I can imagine some would be a pain to code, if it does comes to that, I am sorry devs) and would probably require some balancing and perk point cost changes.

But alas, I'd just like to see Horde-specific perks, whether they're crazy like some of the above (considering it's vs. A.I), or more toned down, it doesn't matter to me. I just want cool and unique perks to help me whack dumb A.I enemies in fun ways because it's a fun mode.