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i usually jump head shot them, anyway doesn't work always.
But i also see you are complaining only about shields, what about the zweihänder?
It has a huge reach on par with spear, hits as hard as a maul, you can LMB spam it as fast as a rapier and its a sword.

However the shield its to be seen only in front line where 48-64 players SPAM LMB and ensures you survive more than 3-5 seconds in a all in brawl.

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@TheChosen1 said:

@AussieTerror said:
Cannot see our dedicated servers after they were patched, is this happening for others?

It happens to me

I could not see my server last night either but i could connect with "open ip-address", now that doesn't work either and i cannot see my server.

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+1 i haven't received it either.