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@smug said:
Far left people aren't the only ones who find alt right/incel nationalists cringe.

Far leftists are the only ones who can't find all of the easy solutions to this problem, because they don't want to. Actual gamers will understand muting idiots is what u do in games.

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This is only bad PR if you are far left... and most people aren't, most people interested in a hardcore medieval combat game are not going to be swayed elsewhere by some SJW propaganda. Stop sniffing around for it and it'll go away liek a fart in the wind, once they realize they can't actually hurt the game this way..

This PC shit will have no affect on the game. What is affecting the game is the game and lack of game within.

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Jax, if you really have no idea when the devs will be able to release new content/patch old problems and there simply is no information ready to be released I understand that, but that doesn't mean attention can't be turned elsewhere to keep the game feeling alive from the top down.

I feel like a community-wide tourney would be really engaging.
Maybe one with a qualifier that separates players into at least 2 brackets, so you don't get people like Giru up against people who have only played the game a few hours.

If you promote something like this up on the main screen of Mordhau, where the updates usually are (like Rocket League), with the time and place and details of a semi-casual-community-tournament, I think a lot of players would get excited.

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@vanguard said:
This is dumb and you lack historical knowledge about the whole issue. Reparations is due to systematic and structural racism that still has effects in the material reality of a given group of people, say the African Americans in USA.

Not that I even expect historical consciousness of a guy who names himself Donald Trump in a game forum to begin with tbh. Anyways ur dumb go read a book

lol. Maybe deciding who gets money based on what colour their skin is is a little bit racist? How could that not be seen as racist? There are millions of poor white people who got fucked over by the same exact fucking system and people, but because the people who got rich off of it are the same skin colour as you, fuck you take your taxes as well and give it to someone with darker skin.

You have to be legit racist or retarded to actually think reparations are a sound concept in any way.

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@Quadsword said:
On top of that, games urinalists have now started running a smear campaign against the game which will only scare away even more players (yes, people do still read Kotaku and PC Gamer, much to our dismay).

I really don't see the claims that this will "scare away gamers" to be well founded... it will just scare away people who weren't going to play the game anyway. Thank god they didn't look through the "do you still enjoy playing mordhau" thread for quotes, that'd scare more gamers away than typical toxicity lol.

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@LordTrogdar said:
This asinine article made it impossible for me not to stay away from these forums. I haven't played a game with fellow adults in so long. I think I'm gonna drop the smackers for it right now.

You mean Samuel Horti complaining about all the free-speech we're enjoying over here didn't scare you off? well golly gee welcome to the cesspool friend.

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I'm sure the team is working hard but all their work is for not if their pr is so garbage nobody appreciates what they're doing.

I don't expect them to understand what the player-base wants and where it's at, they are busy as fuck and have no time to think about seemingly minor population issues, and with no experience to tell them how to communicate safely and effectively with millions of people I get why they think it's safer to stay quiet, but assuming communication and interaction isn't important in 2019 is a big mistake. Especially when the game is "fully released" while only halfway through a kickstarter roadmap.

I'm not trying to just bash the devs cause I'm angry, I'm trying to help them understand what I think they need to do to give their game a better chance, and imo that'd be PR.

IMO Devs (community manager) should probe the community for members who are enthusiastic about setting up promotional events and tourneys and shit. And then use your pedestal to promote them. This costs you nothing and any kind of outreach to the community I think would help matters.

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@Shitscrubber64 said:

@Jax said:
We're really bad with timelines, we thought the game would originally come out in march 2018 - we're working on some things (new maps, ranked, etc) and they're nearing completion. We'd like to give more concrete estimates but it's hard without layers of project management and staff, as it stands at the moment we've got 9 devs all working remotely.

Assuming you already have at least the occasional Discord session with the other devs for a status update, the only missing link here would be a community manager.

If you don't have one yet, hire one.
If you already have one, fire him/her.

Screenshot (367).png


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"In other forums, a thread with that title may be deleted on sight—but the Mordhau devs don't have a problem with it, or its contents."

I can imagine the writer literally fucking SHAKING as he types this...

here's the solution

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@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:

Remember we are only in month 2 of release and much is being done behind the scenes and this stupid PC SJW snitch that went to PCGAMER whining about Toxicity instead of content is doing nothing but distracting the devs from development. Also keep in mind that if you played Chivalry from release, it's first 3 years were rocky as hell and the bubble patch about killed the game.

how is this a problem? Ignore them. Problem fucking solved there. Real "gamers" don't give a shit.

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As harsh as my pwning of him was, I totally understand the frustration of wanting to play the game so badly but not finding it particularly fun or engaging for all of the reasons...

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It's called an estimate because you should have a general window of time in your heads for when you'll expect to be done.... whatever it is you're doing. Maybe share that with us?

We have no idea if it (whatever it is) is going to be tomorrow or next year, and i am beginning to suspect the latter is more likely.

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@alonesilverwolf said:
Why the fuck should I play it over those games? Give me one good fuckin reason, seriously.

Parries don't register right.

Hits don't register right

Attack queuing is all fucked.

Chivalry garbage is still present, albeit not as bad

Seriously. What is the fuckin point? At this rate, I could play For Honor. Why should I play this piece of crap unbalanced shithole of a game, when I could play THAT piece of crap, unbalanced shithole of a game, and at least have the peace of mind that THAT game doesn't pretend to NOT be a piece of crap shithole of a game?

If it means we no longer have to endure your rage-threads, devoid of substance, that are nothing more than a symptom of a fragile/damaged ego and a weak mind, then please better the community by leaving it.

Your weakness on display for all to see in these macho chest-beatings you subject us to. Please, cover your shame and just stop.

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Can we all report Botas for spam?

I mean Cheto? Look at the last 3 posts in this thread alone, how is this not bannable spam?

then look at his entire post history and ban botas again lol

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@smellycathawk said:

@Anal Error said:
you cannot defend against this weapon, and the myth about that is dangerous for wielder is bullshit, maybe if you are retard you can hit yourself,

the video he's hitting himself in the hands at like 2:19. probably want a longer shaft or a shorter chain

I think the shock absorbance when hitting shit really hard is likely the main reason for this weapon's design. When on a horse hitting someone with a warhammer would likely send shockwaves up your arm maybe causing injury or even causing the weapon to be dropped. But with a chain between the impact and the handle, the arm is spared from the massive impacts.

On foot I think the flails ability to "go around shields" was overshadowed by most of its obvious drawbacks, and it would likely take more skill to use on horseback, explaining why it was a more rare niche weapon, for badasses only.

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a flail would be so fun.

i double commented accidentally so ya. hi

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@BlueTeamLivesMatter said:

Do you have something you actually want to say?

At this point if you object to an argument of mine in any specific I invite you to elaborate. Otherwise, its probably best to cease trying to exacerbate a mild disagreement between two individuals who are not you.

So basically you got owned so hard you stared blankly at the screen until you just had to click on that ASSHOLE'S comment history to find any flimsy excuse as a justification to dismiss them as a troll and obfuscate the repercussions this humiliation has on your ego.

Too bad you totally derailed the conversation away from mechanics because you refuse to talk about mechanics with "trolls" yet you also refuse to not respond to anyone pointing out that you should just stop...

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I doubt half of them even played the game

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@crushed said:
It's an issue with the alt mode spear turncap, will be addressed soon


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What if you kill me as I'm throwing my axe into your head?