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Day 1 we had issues, the gold and xp was being counted, but didn't actually apply on the next round - At this point I've played like 8 hours since the launch, non-stop - I was level 2, or 1.
Next morning I wake up, I am at level 9, almost 10 and I had 10k gold, I am guessing that "backed up" gold and xp that I earned in day 1 went through. Day 2 was even more fucked tho, no XP or gold earning displayed, meaning they did not back up. Day 3 progression was fixed, which was yesterday, I was no-lifing for few hours again, I am level 21 I think.

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  • 1 May '19


I don't wanna sound like a backseat developer, but if our stats saved then how about a flat rate of 5k + 10 gold per kill, and 5 xp per kill? Like those are my stats during my 21 hours of gameplay, that's a fair bit of experience gained here, and considering the flat rate you might assign for the average player, it will mostly undercut my time and experience gained in-game, and could put a sour taste for some players, including me. I am an average player at best, and there are many other people that are much better me, so their rewards shouldn't be the same as me, since well, they do better in game.

Awarding me 10 gold per my kill would give me 9730 gold, which isn't bad in my opinion, lets me unlock a more expensive piece of armor - With XP it'd be harder, as the requirements change per level and it's not a linear progression.