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@Peacerer said:
You guys are worse than 2h elitists. Freaking gold diggers.

Who cares about rankings and gold. Fcuk that! Oh, where are the times when games were played for joy?!

But that's the thing isn't it ? We can't really play the game because 95% is locked and we can"t unlock it. They advertise heavily on customizable charcters and loadout and that feature just isn't there at the moment so it's got nothing to do with people not being able to enjoy the game "just for joy" as you say, but it's about a core mechanic that isn't working at all !

Personnaly I bought the game for that, not to play premade nofun loadtouts I don't want.

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  • 1 May '19

Still no sign of a fix, just saying they're working on it... Very bad first impression, if the game wasn't ready it shoul've stayed in EA.
Waiting for one more day then if no sign of a fix or a compensation for the lost gold and XP I'll ask for a refund.