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I did not found a complete answer to this question. So here it is.

The default port is 7777/UDP and 27015/UDP. To change the port you have to change both by the same "amount".
7778 & 27016 (+1)
7827 & 27065 (+50)
I did not get this to work with the .ini files but i read up on the Unreal Engine documentation. You have to just start it with parameters.

./ -Port=7827 -QueryPort=27065

Netstat gives the proof that everything is working.

sudo netstat -tulpn | grep Mord
udp 0 0 13573/MordhauServer
udp 0 0

I hope that helps everyone that was searching for this :)

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Nice list!

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What error?
Do you mean the "HTTP Request failed" errors?

It looks like you should be able to connect. The HTTP API calls are for the progression system. The servers are constantly overloaded. So sometimes you dont get a response from them.

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A short netstat shows that the game uses port 27015 and 7777.
So use also need to change that i think.