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FYI, I've reached out to Jax and he's confirmed it's being looked at.

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The only way I can get into a match is via matchmaking, which takes 15-30min. It seems to only join to official servers that are just starting a round. Joining from server browser and join a friend will always give 'failed to join'.
I've reinstalled steam, the game, disabled firewall, antivirus etc.

Still no fix to the problem and it seems like a few people are having this issue , and I've seen lots of posters here and on reddit. Hopefully as the dust settles on major issues, dev can respond to this issue.

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I've also tried tethering my phone for internet, changed DNS from Google to ISP and reinstalling the game.

Disabled steam overlay.

Reinstalled steam & re-downloaded Mordhau again. No luck.

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I am able to see all of the servers in the list, I just cannot join them. Every time is says 'Failed to join server'

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I can't join games at all via server browser. Every time it try it results in an error 'Failed to join server'. Been the same since release, but I don't see everyone having this issue.

Can you confirm if this is being looked at?

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Anyone have any advice for getting into a server? I saw the pinned post yesterday, but it seems to have gone and people are playing now.

The server browser fails to join every time, I've been trying for about and hour last night and today (aussie).
I've also tried via match making which never finds a game.

I've cleared steam download cache, verified game files, set my download location to russia and turned off firewall and nothing has worked.

My game shows release build #1 on the main screen.

Any ideas?