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  • 26 May '19

I posted this before but didn't get much help and haven't found anything that works in other posts so far so I'll post this again.

PC Rig:
GTX 1060
(No SSD)

The first like, week was BUTTER for me. I had all my settings beefed up on High/Ultra and maintained 60 FPS with minor drops on Frontline. After that week it went to hell. I started getting major FPS drops and stuttering. I rarely hit 60 FPS and sit around 40-50 now, even with my settings on low/medium.

Frontline is playable for me, but not too enjoyable because of this. I'm pretty much stuck to dueling only but earlier today I joined a duel with 3 people on camp and had 35 FPS?? Nothing changed with my PC other than me updating my graphics driver to try and solve this (didn't work) so I have to assume its not my PC and just the updates that came out. Or I could be wrong. I've also monitored my CPU and Memory usage/temps and they don't max out.

Another thing is the armory. When I open the Armory my game freezes and drops frames. Every single character I hover over freezes up and goes to 5 FPS but is fine once its all loaded. This happens on the lowest settings, and when I optimize my game with Geforce to higher settings the armory loads fine.

Things I've tried: Verify files, reinstall, optimize, lower settings by following this:
(Somehow following this guide and lowering my settings actually made my FPS drops significantly worse.. I'm baffled..)

I'm no PC guru as this is my first rig but I legit have no idea what to do, I used to run this game flawlessly, and I miss actually being able to play it to its full glory.

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  • 25 May '19

Same with me, when the game first launched I played it on Ultra settings 60 FPS on Frontline, now I have my settings on low/medium and get really bad FPS drops and stuttering

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  • 24 May '19

The first few days were fine for me, had a consistent 60 FPS on Ultra settings but now its closer to 40 FPS on Medium with some low settings and I still get massive FPS drops especially when I engage in combat. Its made Frontline pretty much unplayable for me. Nothing changed for my PC either to cause the FPS drops. One day it was fine, next it wasn't. Even updated my graphics driver

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  • 8 May '19

PC: i7-7700
GTX 1060

The first two or three days were perfectly fine for me at High settings, it just took a few minutes for everything to load it and had FPS drops in the beginnings of rounds due to this, no biggie, it would load everything in and I'd be playing at 60 FPS pretty much the whole game with minor drops in my FPS (Rarely ever below 50).

Now, it takes me longer to load into the game and now I sit more on the lines of 40-50 FPS with lots of stuttering that happens where I'll drop to 20-30 FPS or even below that. I hardly sit at 60 FPS anymore.

I've reset my PC multiple times, lowered my settings to medium/low with a few things on high (low just looks to ugly to me) and updated my graphics driver (as it was 6 months out of date) and none of these things have improved my FPS. Not sure if its my mid-grade potato PC or not but I can't imagine so much changed in a week to cause this, so it must be on my end.

Anything else I cant try? I know a bit about PCs but I'm no guru

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  • 3 May '19

While searching for matches (sometimes joining via the server browser as well) I will make it past the loading screen and just as the textures start to load in I'll get kicked back to the title screen and told that the server is full, that its retrying, and then that I failed to join. I feel I spend the same amount of time trying to join a server than I do actually playing a match.

Im unsure if this is a bug or not, or just on my end, but I assume while I'm loading in other people load in before me, which causes me to be kicked. If so that would be very unfortunate as this frustrates