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  • 5 May '19

I'll relate some of my experiences trying out different kinds of servers for my server called "Dueler's Paradise"
I ran it on a vultr 'bare metal instance' which costs $120 a month (but is pay as you go). It was an 8 core 32 gig ram 3.8 ghz machine.

Running Ubuntu 18.04.

I tried it on 120 and 60 tick. On 120 tick, with 45 players (which was full during normal us hours), it used somewhere around 5 GB of bandwidth a day (not sure the exact number as I've destroyed the server). The cpu load would be 100% if the players were above 30 or so. I think this shows that even though more than 1 core isn't required for a server, more than one core is still utilized if available.

There is a console command that shows server stats: m.showPlayerStats 1

When i was running on 120 tick, the minTicks or whatever would drop to around 60 but average at 120 tickrate. The same thing would happen when I was running at 60 tick.

Everyone said the server ran great and was better than the official servers, especially during the first couple days when the official servers were not that great.

I'm about to try running the same setup on the vultr dedicated instance for $60 a month, which is only 2 cores ~3.8ghz and 8 gig ram. I'll report if performance is much worse.

Memory usage was pretty low, definitely under a gig of ram. So I think a 1 gig ram server should be fine.

Note: You probably don't need this expensive of a server or a dedicated instance (the vultr dedicated instance server i'm using has 2 dedicated cores which you don't share with any other vm's). I just like to know that I won't get lag if another vm on my hosting provider is using a lot of cpu.

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  • 1 May '19

@Destroptor said:
@Kaervan Can you elaborate? I tried to run the server - I had it full of players but still no "Saved" folder. Is it a problem with folder ownership or something?

Run the server briefly, then quit it . The Saved folder will be placed there.