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  • 9 May '19

The game keeps crashing every time I join a server or when a map changes on a server.
This is my crashreportlient.ini:

And this is my Mordhau.log (sorry for the long text in advance)(posted it on imgur becuase it was too long for this textbox):

Is there something wrong?

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  • 4 May '19

I fixed it.
My solution was to fully reinstall steam and place it in another drive and/or in another folder

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  • 4 May '19

@Duckalot said:
Is your steam inventory set to private? Try setting it to public.

I've tried the game on my laptop and it works well (except that it runs at 12 FPS) but on my PC it does not work.

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  • 1 May '19


When I try to left click nothing happens and


this happens after a few seconds of joining a match

I have checked my firewall and verifying the integrity of my files

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  • 30 Apr '19

I keep getting timed out while waiting for the steam inventory.
I've checked with my firewall but it seems that it is not the case.
I have also checked with the integrity of the files.
Is there anything else I can do?