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@Lord Petyr Baelish said:

@crushed said:
We know a bunch of you guys don't receive any Gold or XP rewards. It must sound like a broken record, but we're looking into those issues.
To make up for the inconvenience we will compensate all of you with a little bonus once the problems are ironed out.

The server stability problems somewhat contained and under control. However there's way more people playing than we expected so we're a little short on server space and we're working with our partners to expand with the demand.

Thanks for all your patience so far!

It seems like the bug doesn't affect people that are playing custom classes with some items bought from the tutorial gold, according to about 10 people on a server and myself.

I made a custom class with the tutorial gold and the bug is happening for me :(

At first (maybe before I made the custom class), I think I was earning gold and XP, but it wasn't saving. Now, I don't even earn it.