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I need some serious help diagnosing this issue. My screen goes black like this, it starts mostly from the bottom right of the screen and if i move then it spreads. i turned down the post processing and turned off bloom and it changed colors to purple and blue and yellow. I have no idea whats causing this because my gpu (2070) is running the game fine and runs other games fine, and clearly it's not a monitor issue since it can be screenshot. I feel like it has something to do with lighting issues because the glitch was replicable with very white surfaces and once I saw it coming from the in-game sun.

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  • 11 May

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Hey so this happened when I was on Contraband earlier, I have no idea what happened but it was like my screen would turn black randomly like some sort of smoke effect, it onyl went away after vigoursly shaking my mouse or escape screening and going back. I hope my graphics card isn't dying (it definitely shouldnt be); it's overclocked to well and stable levels and its not even 4-5 months old (rtx 2070)

Quick update: it happened on Camp/Frontline too, as well as my screen turning a cyan color after experiencing the black pixelation again. Could this be a graphics card failure, or an interal game error? It also seems to start from the side of the screen and move in.