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  • 30 Apr '19

I played my custom class and didn't get gold or xp. :(

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  • 21 Apr '19

@Kalzzifer said:
dear developement and marketing team,

wow, this was the best advertisement event ever, by far, with distance, it even tops red bull and f. b.
really didnt expect that you even set notre dame under fire just to give all this people this "median battlefied feeling".

I appreciate that. stay how you are and never change,

your best fan

Adolfson Detlifinios Hurondonson van Gebschwitzberg


Why did u put my burning cathedral here?

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  • 19 Apr '19

This trailer rebuild my destroyed cathedral

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  • 18 Apr '19

I would like to thanks all the dev team, for such a game. But I have a question for you guys: it's not the end of your studio right? You are going to do other games?