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Why would I create a fake account? Why would I farm posts on the other forum with a fake account? Why would I gather gaming hours on Steam? You make no sense m8.

It is not even funny or annoying it's just sad to be fair. The way you act is more or less sad. As if you would have nothing to do the whole day.

Sorry, but you are just being a try-hard looking for issues but having no idea what you are talking about. I've already noticed that your mental horizon is very, very - very limited.

You are hosting with Vultr which is none special quality but you act like that you got an own data center. Who tf would host a game server there.

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None of the arguments above are worth to argument against cause you will constantly try to re-phrase everything.
Directory indexing for a public server monitor? Why is it necessary? It doesn't cause any issues or creates security issues.

Our customers are satisfied and happy with our services & support. That's all I really care about. If you are bored please go to other threads and annoy other hosters - or are you competition and that's why you try to annoy us here?

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I will look what possibilitys I can find.

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Our nodes are DDoS protected - if you don't believe it - try it out - you won't manage to get our nodes down and then you will have to live with consequences from laws view.
We host on SSDs and in Germany on NVMe SSDs. The hardware we provide is high standard.

Mod installer is not added yet - cause there is no workshop - but if you would read in the topic "as Mordhau is WIP the panel is also WIP. We will offer an automated mod installer as soon as mods are available for this game.". So your argument is invalid.

You can back up your server with its config and as soon as mods are installed those too. So you can deploy a backup within seconds if you for example messed your server up. What is wrong with that? It's a feature nothing more.

Live console -> You can directly type commands into the server and see its output. Your claim of SSH or RCON makes no sense as we never stated such things.

Database -> Some mods & games can link up with a MySQL Database to store data permanently.

Config Editor -> And we make it lot's of easier with the editor.

Restart Planner + Crash Detector -> You can plan unlimited restarts based on German times - also the crash detector will restart your server if it did crash.

Unmetered Bandwidth -> No we are not a reseller. We host all game servers on our own nodes. We offer unmetered bandwidth - there is nothing wrong with it. Just because your hosting plans do not fit any of our features - you shouldn't trash talk serious people.

Our pricing is totally agreeable. We are in the middle price range of all hosters. Don't forget we offer free support and a completely automated payment/install system with a lots of UCP features.

No - this new coupon was not a bump - the customer actually bought a server.

You call a business scam - without even trying it - or having evidence of it. You insult people and you act like a child. You are just hilarious and you make yourself look like a 14-year-old kid. Due to the fact you try to make us look bad I will report you to the moderation and hope they will consider consequences for such behaviour.

Software and hardware is my day job, running servers out of my pocket is a hobby, but I cannot describe how fucking angry it makes me to see pricks like you trying to capitalise of peoples naivety like you're doing.

This made me laugh out loud. If you have experience about hardware / software and managing servers etc. then you would never have done any claim like you did here.

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What city would be the best in Brazil? Or in overall South America? Anyone got any ideas?

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North America, Chicago back in stock!

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One more day to suggest & vote.

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We will keep the poll open for 1-2 more days and then expand to one more location.

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Germany back in stock!

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-Port=7778 -QueryPort=27016 -Beaconport=15000 -log -multihome

make it

-Port=7778 -QueryPort=27016 -Beaconport=15000

for testing purposes.

Ports are all opened?

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Post the full log

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@Taki7o7 said:

Sry but what is bRandwidth? :D And what you mean by unmetered?

That means we do not limit the connection speed nor set-up any kind of traffic limitation like other hosters do.

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France back in stock!

Coupon "fight-and-cut" -10% life-time discount only valid for ~24 hours!

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Falls Ihr Server benötigt um eine große deutschsprachige Community aufzubauen dann meldet euch bei mir, ich kann euch bestimmt ein gutes Angebot machen

Mail: [email protected]

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I'm looking for some more feedback.

Also, if off-shore - where exactly?

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Alright we noted it down, thanks for your input.

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as we always look how we can expand our network we wanted to ask how many people are interested in what locations so we can expand towards the existing wishes while offering stable and good servers in world-wide locations.

Please vote in the poll!

ALSO: Feel free to post other location suggestions or city's where you think the best hosting location would be in the specific country you voted for.

What locations you'd be interested in?
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That sounds odd.

What anti-virus software do you use?
Is the graphic cards driver the newest one?
Is the sound card driver the newest one?
Is enough disk space left on the disk where Windows is installed?
What is the details of your power supply? How much power/watt does it have?

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Verify game files
Verify game cache

Add a exception for the Steam port to your firewall / router:

UDP: 27015

Add the game itself (add executable as firewall exception) and choose the .exe of Mordhau.

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Use the task manager and try to bind the game process to only 1-2 cores. Maybe that amount of cores makes it hard for the game to balance the performance over it. Task Manager -> Processes/Details -> Right click on mordhau -> set affinity -> select Core 0-4. Also set priority to high for testing purposes.

Also do you have any kind of overlay active?

I have a GeForce GTX 1070 and I can rund the game easily on highest quality settings with +100FPS.