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@marox said:
Interesting, have you tried dragging the cheater to see how the auto parry reacts?

The cheater only parry right before the damage phase begin, when i tried to drag he successfully parried everytime, maybe the parry time is enough to block my drag even to the last damage output ?
He wont parry my morph feint and chamber morph feint even when i made it so unpredictable (deaccelerate or accelerate the feints). Yet when you itentionally missed an attack anywhere near him he always aimlocks at you and spam parry.

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  • 10 May

Youtube video

This video was recorded in public duel server on South East Asia, I noticed something was suspicious with this guy called m4xon. Everytime i dueled with him none of my morph and feints will work, so he only parry when an attack begin dealing damage output. I noticed some inhuman things when i spectate m4xon, if you land an attack or kick from all angle he will auto counter it. No matter how unpredictable you tried to combine morph with feint he will not parry it, so the only way to beat him is to back off so he misses his attack and you can deal damage to him or use a weapon that's fast enough than his. Also, if you missed an attack anywhere near him he will parry it.

Lmao gg
What are your thoughts ? is he hacking ? or he just has a good gaming chair ?

Anyway, Triternion please fix or if possible analyze this guy named m4xon. I'm a chiv veteran player over 980 hours and i know it's not possible to do these things.

m4xon steam profile and id :

Thanks to miles for helping me spectate and record this video.