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  • 12 Sep

I am not angry at all. I just wanted to point out the current situation with the abuse of constructions.
In the picture above, there was like 5 - 6 engineers, just crazy spamming non stop with toolbox.
Of course, there is no need to take drastic measures like removing a toolbox, but some solution needs to be found.

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  • 11 Sep

Right now it is endless spamming of spikes and buildable constructions, so attackers cant do anything ...

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  • 6 Sep

So I like the game - see videos like that one with nice camera view - buy a game ... devs - remove the nice camera view.
I understand the advantage of third person view over first, but this is the cheapest solution.
What about the possibilities of the select server with third or first person view ?

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  • 6 Sep

Same question. Can devs bring back normal third person camera view.
In this video third person camera looks really nice -

Right now is stick to your back too close.

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Almost every time I play this game, there is always one or more players who goes around and hits / kills teammates.
The solution is very simple - the punishment button.
If someone from your team hitting you on purpose, just press button and there is ticking for every hit.

Should be set to 5 for example:

  • 1/5 hitting teammates, be careful
  • 2/5 hitting teammates, be careful
  • 3/5 hitting teammates, be careful

if he stops and goes punching someone else, the counter remembers and goes on:

  • 4/5 hitting teammates, be careful
  • 5/5 hitting teammates, be careful
    Kicked 1 hour for cooldown

This system was implemented in Warband mod cRPG and its worked like a charm.
First - easy you can kick trolls
Second - you can push a button sometimes if someone hit you accidentally, that will make him play more cautious.

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  • 31 Aug

For third person view, camera should be more distant - and more angle view options, for more awareness.
Also devs could implement "bash" with hand.
So if someone try to spam you with some "too close" shit or running around you - you can "bash" him - that will stun opponent and give you free hit or randomly knock him down - again free hit while he stands up.
I think this is a good way to make people play more carefully and make fights look more natural - no jumping clowns.