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  • 11 Apr

I hope it is just mistake ...
It will be good that devs bring back normal third person camera view, like in this video:
Right now is to close.

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  • 22 Mar

I noticed that on servers (sometimes) for hours, only the same players choose the same team - one map after another, and only they win non-stop. While in the other team, the randomers don't have chance to win, ever.

When you want to connect to the server instead of choosing "Pick a side" option, make to be just "Join" and then based on an algorithm to sort the player to team according to the level and kill count.

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  • 3 Jan

Cant remember when attackers win that map.
Nobles just camp inside and defenders win non-stop, without any effort.

Good suggestion.
Also in general for that mod, nobles should have to constantly check in on certain checkpoints on map.
So they must be constantly on the move.

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  • 30 Dec '19

Believe me it was the same concern of normal players - what if I accidentally hit someone? Will they report me?
But it turns out that players who accidentally hit someone in the heat of the battle are simply not even reported.
It was also noted that ordinary players were much careful not to hit their teammate by accident.

I found this video.
In 1.10 you can see report/ban system.
Also in 6.52 he use sword and accidentally hit teammate - on screen you can see notice: Be careful, you just teamwounded "nickname"
There is also a lots of other videos on youtube under Warband CRPG. Here is another video with couple report notifications.

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  • 29 Dec '19

The system has been in use for many years and works perfectly.
What's hard to understand?
Someone hits you on purpose - you press a button (1 ticket) - if he collects 5 tickets (not just from you, from anyone who report him) - a ban 1 hour for cool down - perfect for any normal player, except troll.
I play under that ban system from years - cRPG 2011. - 2018.
It was same as here full of trolls, you wait for admin, ban report .... same problems over and over.
After they implemented this, it was just perfect. When someone try something (tk on purpose etc.), he immediately realizes that under this system it is not possible to do what he intended.

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  • 29 Dec '19

Servers are full with players who killing or team hitting you on purpose, and you cant do anything about it.
For example - you take catapult and guy from opposite team just switch to our team with firebomb and just burn cata.
No punishment, nothing. Easy kill cata in 30 sec.
Or spawn in our team as archer - when you try to use cata, just hit you with arrow from distance - make you unable to use cata.

All this and similar problems were in other games as well, I mentioned Warband mod cRPG ... After this system was introduced, this kind of abuse in game was no longer possible.

If someone accidentally hit you - you just don't press button.

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  • 24 Dec '19

When the developers will fix this?
Still is the same condition, defenders win non-stop.
Just finished today's 27:0 for defenders.
Is this just one more indie game development team - take money and 0 f... for playerbase ?

There is so many things you can do for balance ...

  • spawn protection
  • remove "select team" to disable same players to join just as defenders
  • smart autobalance - kill count - unable to join winner side
  • button for team attackers - someone hit you on purpose - pres button - 5 count - ban 1 hour
  • distant spawn for defenders
  • only one construction per toolbox
  • the king cannot hide in one corner - must check non stop at certain checkpoints throughout castle
  • range, 1h swords, light weapons make slight damage to full plated armor
  • full plated can be slower but when you wear it's worth - right now is just cosmetics
  • make the cavalry more resistant to weak weapons - right now one swing with 1h weapon and you down on ground

This is just some quick notes.
Right now state of game is like devs just pushing patches without any testing ...

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  • 8 Dec '19

You must be playing as defender only ....
Yesterday, zero win for Feitoria/Grad.
Whoever think differently, I challenge him to play for 7 days only as a attacker, then write a feedback here.

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  • 7 Dec '19

Developers, what are you going to do about this? Defenders win non-stop. I play between 25-35 rounds (maps) daily, of which attackers win 1 to 3 times ???? I just finished today's 32:1 for defenders.
Each map is too easy to defend ... so many abuses with constructions, catapult has low range and on each map the defenders reach the catapult before the attackers - they steal it or destroy it ? One fire bomb and the catapult is gone - you can't drive it from fire ?
Endless use of constructions ... pavise on top of ladder ... you cant use firebomb on ladders ... one hit and you drop firebomb ... cant kick with firebomb ....

Do your best and improve the team balance. I know personally about 40 players who quit the game because of things like this.

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  • 12 Sep '19

I am not angry at all. I just wanted to point out the current situation with the abuse of constructions.
In the picture above, there was like 5 - 6 engineers, just crazy spamming non stop with toolbox.
Of course, there is no need to take drastic measures like removing a toolbox, but some solution needs to be found.

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  • 11 Sep '19

Right now it is endless spamming of spikes and buildable constructions, so attackers cant do anything ...

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  • 6 Sep '19

So I like the game - see videos like that one with nice camera view - buy a game ... devs - remove the nice camera view.
I understand the advantage of third person view over first, but this is the cheapest solution.
What about the possibilities of the select server with third or first person view ?

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  • 6 Sep '19

Same question. Can devs bring back normal third person camera view.
In this video third person camera looks really nice -

Right now is stick to your back too close.

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  • 5 Sep '19

Almost every time I play this game, there is always one or more players who goes around and hits / kills teammates.
The solution is very simple - the punishment button.
If someone from your team hitting you on purpose, just press button and there is ticking for every hit.

Should be set to 5 for example:

  • 1/5 hitting teammates, be careful
  • 2/5 hitting teammates, be careful
  • 3/5 hitting teammates, be careful

if he stops and goes punching someone else, the counter remembers and goes on:

  • 4/5 hitting teammates, be careful
  • 5/5 hitting teammates, be careful
    Kicked 1 hour for cooldown

This system was implemented in Warband mod cRPG and its worked like a charm.
First - easy you can kick trolls
Second - you can push a button sometimes if someone hit you accidentally, that will make him play more cautious.

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  • 31 Aug '19

For third person view, camera should be more distant - and more angle view options, for more awareness.
Also devs could implement "bash" with hand.
So if someone try to spam you with some "too close" shit or running around you - you can "bash" him - that will stun opponent and give you free hit or randomly knock him down - again free hit while he stands up.
I think this is a good way to make people play more carefully and make fights look more natural - no jumping clowns.