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  • 2 Apr '19

@Pred said:

Aren't we all?

It is great to know that @KoFDGucky. Many thanks for the info and details. Really looking forward to the release.

btw, is it the breeze theme on you terminal?

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  • 2 Apr '19

@Jax said:
one thing that doesn't help is like 60 shield threads, for example a tap/hold system won't work afaik because of input delay which i have addressed on one of these threads but it gets lost

like I said we're looking into options, one small thing that might help could be kickstun returning on shields.
but as for major overhauls we have some ideas that could be good, but we're internally testing our options right now to see what is the best course of action

The tap/hold system is the one that in the first milliseconds the block would work like any weapon and after this period it could be spammed and make you lose initiative by not being able to counter? When I read that suggestion I thought it was the perfect solution.

What about having the block work like any weapon(maybe a longer duration and larger hitbox) and another key to hold the shield to protect you from projectiles?

Well, you(the devs) are thinking on this a lot longer than me and probably have thought on many better solutions than this one. I'm not a big fan on using shields myself but would love to see shields being used by experienced players in all kind of situations including high level duels.

The thing that I ask as a future Mordhau player is: pls, don't leave shields as useless as they were in chiv. Shield Kick stun is not the way to go

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  • 11 Mar '19

@Trix said:

@fmay2123 said:
Will there be another trailer for the game before release?

Yes. It will be coming very soon™

Are you the Trix from youtube?

man, I miss your videos so much.

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  • 19 Feb '19

Linux gamer here.

It is great to know this, but I hope there is native Linux support in the future(preferably using Vulkan =])

Really looking forward to the release

Btw currently Mordhau has a pretty low score on proton: Could you submit a report there?