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r.mipmapLODbias 5
r.skeletalmeshLODbias 3

without ini edits you can get a similar result by entering the ue4 console with the ` key, type these commands in and theres your runescape graphics.

of course if you want total optimisation then you will need ini edits

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but no more kebab

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@AngelEyes said:
I thought we were playing a hidden object game

we are playing a hidden object game

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no you cant see because theres no collision on the rubble therefor the beartraps can be placed underneath the rubble and be completely invisible from all angles

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do you see

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2:02 wtf

from watching qmf's tournament recordings if the fighters are equally skilled the fight goes for a long ass time with no regens anyway. having the regen in just drags it on for too long.

but an argument for keeping regen is that it gives some opportunity to gage opponents play style and avoid winnings by fluke, which was a complaint i saw from those who competed in the ft5 rounds mostly. that could be solved by doing ft10s for all rounds next time, or a warm up round w/e

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they would need their own unique moveset which is a lot of work for 1 weapon subset i guess. if im correct there is 4 total movesets, fists, 1hand, 2hand and pole.
and then each weapon animation is tweaked on an individual basis.

with flails there are not many similar types of weapon to ration a supposed moveset. but they might try it after releasing the game, who knows

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@Monsteri said:
Then you're just making yourself vulnerable for no reason.

YOU might be making YOURSELF vulnerable for no reason, but not me, as i have a different setup which works with this idea better.

thats also why im saying it doesnt matter which key is chosen for this, as everyone has their own keybinds. its not about making parry easier/harder or anything like that, its about more precise footwork and movement.

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Exec might get something else, possibly a big ol vertical strike. Nothing set in stone.

that sounds fucking brutal

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will chamber have more AP than parry or will they be the same

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@Monsteri said:
I don't get it, if you're not suggesting a held block how do you parry with this?

you would parry normally, obviously if you use the parry button for the stance then you have to let go of the button first. its not actually important which button is used. but for me personally i would use the parry button from the way my keys are set up

-and i thought the parry button would be the intuitive choice because of how holding parry for shield slows you down already.

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i was thinking about how controllers allow characters to take smaller steps and how its useful for range, footwork, positioning etc. and of course the pc controls only allow for walking or sprinting. you can use a shield to walk slower but that means no stamina regen.

the idea is to give pc controls a slower walking speed by holding down the parry button, or some other button of your choice. of course it wouldnt affect parry in anyway, but could also be coupled with an Ox guard stance. it seems like a better alternative to tapping WASD or whatever your weird way of micro stepping is. also with the Ox guard, duels would look a bit more interesting from a spectators point of view.

ox guard.png

i think the ox guard would be compatible with most weapons already, even some 1handed ones. it would also allow one to aim their stab before entering windup, helpful for accuracy. this should not affect stab speeds tho, the whole point of this is slower movement not faster attack.

-if you ever played ds3 and held the weapon art button with a longsword, its exactly like that.

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if you watch the archers elbow as they release an arrow, its a good enough indicator of when to parry the arrow. with crossbows theres not much indication, but they arent particularly deadly anyway compared to a longbow.

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i saw him a few week ago but nobody believed me

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there is parry, chamber and clash (what you described).

parry works exactly like chiv, chamber has the same timings as parry but you need to mirror your opponents attack. and clash is when the 2 weapons physically hit each other which offers an opportunity to combo afterwards.

each of these mechanics flow in to one another very seamlessly. parrying is the normal way to fight, chambering is more advanced and can take several hours to learn, but it offers a fast counter attack if you do it well. and clashing is just something that happens once in a while, need to watch out for it.

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my excitement for mordhau is as strong as it was 2 years ago, had i not backed the alpha i would've surely gone insane by now.

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what if the crosshair went red while looking at enemy, and went slightly faded when looking at your own team. that save you checking names colour, then you may not need the team colours at all if you dont like them.

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@Lincs said:

@SherbershLemel said:
-significantly nerf couching so its not too easy to win like that.

Disagree with this one.

High-stakes jousting is part of what makes horse-to-horse combat so fun!

that would force everyone to equip a spear loadout. not a very interesting battle

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i want to try summarise this for others so its easier to discuss, please correct if im understanding wrong about any of these ideas you have. my comprehension of this games inner workings is fairly basic, but i would like 1vX to be possible still. So:

-longer feint recovery on opponent so you can punish missed feints without gambling

-being able to chamber opponents during parry lockout to make 1vX easier

-longer parry lockout so you can attack reliably after a double parry in 1vX

-less restrictive turncaps to allow freedom of movement, so you cant get "pegged" in 1vX

-off screen drags animations dont look good and need tweak

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put in horse variants to the existing modes.

horse combat is just plain fun

-re purpose the large maps for horse battles. Remove siege engines, doors.
-disable dismounting, disable billhook.
-on foot combat is only possible if your horse dies or you get knocked off some other way.
-everyone gets armoured horse with 3x health so the battles last a bit longer than usual.
-significantly nerf couching so its not too easy to win like that.
-disable projectiles, except for throwing axes, knives, smokes, bombs, and throwable weapons. no ammo crates.