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@Atlas-D said:

@SherbershLemel said:
if you cant defend yourself for 5 seconds should you really be playing ranked mode in the first place

Double digit IQ logic. If I'm fighting someone at my skill level, he could easily get 1-2 accels or drags off in 5 seconds, which could be all the time he needs if he happened to damage me enough to 1 hit kill. If I could easily defend everything my opponent does that'll mean I'm a smurf on a smurf account fighting people below my rank. Imbecile.

its much easier to defend yourself when you dont have to attack. and if youre going to throw insults at me over a shitty perk in a beta gamemode maybe you are the imbecile and need to calm down

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@ToLazy4Name said:
bro your knight is fucking emaciated is he a fucking skeleton held together by dark magic or something


yep that sounds like me

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simple knight, enemy hesitates to hit me thanks to the hidden cloth

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if you cant defend yourself for 5 seconds should you really be playing ranked mode in the first place

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sorta the same situation on camp, as blue team i got pushed off the area where the spikes are landing in the river. it gives me 5 sec to get back but i have to run the long way around. 5 seconds is way to brutal, especially when the boundaries are invisible

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@Sareth said:
So I've been thinking ...

no u havent

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there is not much incentive to play ranked imo, and the game is certainly light in the crowns department, maybe ranked mode is finally a reason to put them in? i see this fitting as some of the badges resemble crowns in their design. the metal ones could serve as t2 head protection aswell. they will also go well with the aventails, coifs and such. i did some google searching of real crowns and circlets to use as reference:


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a fair comprimise might be to allow a gradual max health damage which only bandages or first aid can restore. always up for more emphasis on teamwork and roles.

but also considering how quickly people die in this game, would it really change anything? i dunno.

there is also the discussion on debuffs in exchange for certain abilities like faster stamina regen or more loadout points. I think they should definitely explore these options.

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@Sofia Lannister said:
Would be nice for siege mode

they should definitely experiment with a fully destructible siege map, this new tech is very scaleable and optimiseable. They could come up with a medieval rainbow six siege type mode. which sounds unbelievable

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if mordhau were to update to 4.23 and make use of this new technology, would it have any significant impact on server performance?

in summary this engine allows any static mesh or collection of static meshes to be converted in to what they call a "geometry collection"

looking at how the destructible physics are handled, the low impact on performance comes from the ability to make each fractured particle collision in to a simple cube. on top of that being able to set a value for how many maximum collision particles there are. so an object with 500 fractures can fall apart with only 10% of the fractures actually colliding with eachother for example.

for the large 64p modes i couldnt see this working smoothly. but lets say on contraband, being able to knock down the pillar in the center, and other isolated areas like this. not to mention simple objects like barrels and pots can be converted easily too.

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your points are:

-having characterless units in a frontline match makes for bad fiction,
-a game that is set in a certain time period has to follow by certain rules,
-you like mordhau because it incorporates old german fighting techniques with arcade gameplay,
-modern games dont get remembered

mordhaus fiction is non existent, and why does it matter in a multiplayer game?

this game is not set in a specific time period, it is inspired by historical aesthetics, not references

it is an interesting selling point of the game, but this is only really to differentiate it from being a chivalry clone, to give it identity. they dont have to expand on the Mordhau techniques anymore than they have.

your last point about mordern games not being remembered. i think people will have a hard time forgetting about mordhau since the amount of games in the same genre can be counted on one hand.

the only thing that will keep this game going is more Patchie, you should join us in the discord for the routine "Patchie When" events that occur every hour

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how to balance horses? Horse crashing.

rider runs in to a wall or object at high speed, they get flung off in to ragdoll. simple.
This means the riders have to be more careful rushing around in tight spaces, they are no longer tanks with 4 legs but delicate beasts which need to be handled with skill and care. This also increases risk/reward factor and some may even appreciate getting destroyed by a horse then instead of being pissed off about it.

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i would like a perk that reduces backstab damage by 50%

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atleast let the community vote who the mods are pls.

also here is my personal recommendation:

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this hit a bit too close to home i think i might have to commit Patchie-cide now

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patchie tomorrow brothers

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i usually expect to get hit as fair punishment for missing an attack, im continually surprised at how lenient the cftp window is, and duels feel very unexciting to play for me lately its possibly due to this cftp safety net

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This is an idea to share with the modding group, here is a link to their discord:

some kind of earthquake event sounds like fun to play with

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@VampireDuck said:
Very nice map. My only concern is the amount of areas you can climb to which will inevitably lead to archers and builders raining cancer from above in difficult to reach places, plus people constantly parkouring away making it infeasible for skirmish. For TDM and especially FFA/duels it could work well.

that is a valid concern, i intend to place a mortar in such a position so that anyone getting cozy on the rooftops can be easily blasted away