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I don't feel any of that is particularly complicated. More complicated compared to movement speed increase, sure.
Armor already works this way to an extent and the overwhelming heavy armor usage has shown that it doesn't work.
Making lighter armor faster means more riposte runaways which people dislike, and some would not call them skillbased.

turning your back on the opponent as some kind of tactic is something ive always found to be ridiculous. watching duels play out this way is very saddening.

possible solution to it would be to put in some kind of skid animation, for when you pivot at 90-180 degrees during a sprint animation. it seems resetting acceleration on pivot isnt enough, as even some heavy classes are able to get away with this tactic.

the skid would have you push off the ground back to your normal speed, but stops you moving for the same amount of time the running acceleration wouldve been enough to get you away from the weapons reach.

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@Jax said:

@SherbershLemel said:
i they should take notes from For Honor, as bad as that game is, leg animation was one of the few things it did very well.

FH can do better leg animations because they have lock-on combat and also probably thousands upon thousands of dollars to do mocap

that is a valid point. the leg animations really are good enough in mordhau, but if improving them comes down to a few tweaks then it should be looked at. not expecting any kind of overhaul to it tho.

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one thing i love about mordhaus shields is that they move up and down depending where you look, a cool extension of that would be to let it cover the head more if you look up enough. this would be useful for when youre going upstairs or through a archway and u got archers perched up looking down you waiting to get easy headshot

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if were talking about letting lighter classes have more options in battle, might i suggest a few ideas

  • ability to hang off ledges and not climb up automatically, if a knight were to try this they would lose stamina and fall from their weight, also to use a weapon while hanging, such as shortspear or throwable, in similar animation to being at the top of a ladder. it also means you can drop from slightly higher distances if you can hang from the ledge first

  • ability to roll as well as dodge, perhaps by holding space instead of tapping it. slow enough to not offer combat advantage, but fast enough for evading couched weapons, and in general sneaking around minimising your visibility between cover. it could also provide some defence from aoe attacks like the catapult rock.

  • faster punching and kicking, similar in rhythm to the carving knife, and no flinch.

  • able to dismount horses while theyre still galloping, good for emergencies, or using the horse as bait.

  • able to crouch and bend slightly further, make evasion tactics more viable

since most light classes typically use ranged weaponry, i got some ideas for those too:

  • crossbow default hip fire, we know holding fire button will aim the crossbow, and releasing will shoot the bolt. what if we can bypass aiming and just click fire to shoot from the hip. useful for closer range and faster attack which is already closer to centre mass of the target. its also nice to just try other aiming modes as it makes you less predictable.

  • shortbows need an alternate mode too. ever use the hunting bow in skyrim and notice how they turn it on its side to aim. have this as an alt for shortbows, which gives the arrow more of an arc, which could be useful for firing over teammates, over walls, and performing trickshots.

  • longbows, they are good but need some kind of way to adjust draw power, otherwise using longbows is too simple and boring.

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i think about this all the time, ive never played a game with such strange leg animations before. if they are looking to improve the leg movement, they should take notes from For Honor, as bad as that game is, leg animation was one of the few things it did very well.

i gotta say the hips, shoulders and head appear mostly static during movement too, as if you were wearing a back brace the whole time. and the fact theres no momentum or weight in pivoting/strafing it looks very glidey but perhaps this is the intent.

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what is patchie iq

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so to summarise:

large scale team deathmatch on a map with 2 parallel fortresses, a lord is selected for each team. the lord decides on the teams colour and is also able to view some kind of spectators overview of the map and select parts of the map for sending tactical instructions to the team, in a realtime total war type of mode. but the lord can also choose to leave his castle and fight if he so wishes - perhaps when his team is running out of units.

this sounds kinda epic, and doable to some extent

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imagine smashing someone in the head with a mace but it only does 12 damage because they are fighting someone else, hyperarmour sounds like an april fools joke

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they really dont add anything to the game, so much waiting around for the fire to go away, and griefers are all too common.

but obviously they have to be in the game in some form or another.

  • reduce the obnoxiously large coal pit radius,
  • also let us be able to jump over them without taking damage, honestly.
  • or, give the fire pot some actual utility, other than to annoy people. like activating an explosive barrel, or something cool like that.
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Still, I think it's a cool idea, and a plausible mix of different modes.

problem with mixing modes like that is the standalone modes lose their identity, making for a confusing experience. however an infection mode in which you spawn as a peasant after being killed is a strong enough premise for a game mode on its own. the best game modes are often the simple ones. and a mode like this could make use of several castles in one map, aswell as using a constricting dead zone to make things interesting. that could come in the form of a plague cloud, as a barrier. otherwise its too easy to jump on a horse and switch castles when the infected start piling up on you

but most of these ideas will come in the form of mods anyway, since there are no announced plans for game modes like these

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some major flaws in this idea, its extremely difficult to make segments of the map crumble away as hes describing. with the current assets in mordhau it would be practically impossible to achieve this. a more simple approach would be to use fog volumes to segregate the map.

another issue is that how do you guarantee that all 4 castles have some one there before the barrier separates the land between the other castles. you could have a game where everyone is focused on 1 castle and refuse to move to other parts of the map.

lastly, once the 4 lords have been determined, the gameplay dynamic becomes identical to frontline with the capture point system, minus side objectives. +2 teams.

an interesting thought is the punishment of respawning as a peasant once your lord has been killed... but then this doesnt really suit battle royale at all, as the idea is that you only get 1 chance to live.

it starts as battle royale, in the end it becomes team deathmatch frontline infection mode. also why does everyone on reddit smoke weed

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its a shame that the 240 system is unable to rationalise your attack intentions and all it takes is a slight lean in the wrong direction to throw off your attack. i would say about 1/20 of my attacks get thrown off from this. but then perhaps more training is needed

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@Frise said:

@SherbershLemel said:
longsord should be 1 handable with shield

That's what bastard sword is for

i guess bastard sword isnt so bad option

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@TheDankestMeme said:
nice but a bit small
id like a map that is entirely set inside of a giant fucking anor-londo style palace/cathedral, with verticality like runagay said

i would enjoy making something like that. in the meantime ill be trying to wrap my fat white head around UE4 and see if i can do anything useful with it

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longsord should be 1 handable with shield

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i do not particularly enjoy this games melee so i seem to be hanging back with a crossbow and arming sword. some feints are readable, some arent. with a 240 system + swing manipualtion, its very hard to pinpoint which exactly animations have poor telegraphing. overall, animations are nice and smooth, so this game is leagues ahead of chivalry. however...

i hope you devs will come to embrace the fact this game is chivalry 2, and if you try to seperate mordhau from chivalry too much, the game will only become more and more unnatural to those who play it. as you are trying to build a game upon the foundations of a different game.

no matter what restrictions you put to movement, or any other procedural element of the game, people will find ways around it in order to win. regardless of what you intend for how they are supposed to play. you should find a good balance eventually, but at the moment this is not it.

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who cars, br is joke mode for normies to bash heads together while the rest of us play the real game

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this would be an important feature as im not happy about making a whole new character for each weapon, utility, perk. it would reduce the size of my armoury by about 75% and would look a lot more attractive.

infact this will be very important in the future as they add further variations and decorations to armour. it also means your mercenary list is no longer cluttered by experimental builds which you don't use often

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@last_apoc said:
This is a pretty cool concept for a map.. I do hope you put some time into learning the SDK when it's available.

im looking forward to that, hopefully we can get it around june or july time