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Baron 22 57
  • 11 Sep '16

Am I the only one that sees the total lives pool as a bad idea? Either at a personal level or team level. Couldn't this lead to much more defensive playing, which would actually hinder a team objective? When I play, I don't want to worry about deaths, I want to worry about killing. Whoever kills more is able to open up for advances.

Also, players could bait their teammates into death instead of themselves by retreating to heal while leaving their teammates to deal with it alone instead of working as a team.

And what about when you run out of lives? It would get boring and a lot of people would just leave. Like a long LTS round. When there are just a few people left alive on a team they would just retreat while the winning team ends it by hunting them down, which would be boring.

Baron 22 57
  • 18 Aug '16

Pls put me in I'll do anything ;)