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Maybe have a "broken leg" death animation where you roll around on the floor crying over your broken bones.

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That's the thing. If you jump from a decent hight and don't break your bones, you'll just get up and walk it off. Might be sore for a bit, but that's nothing compared to having your arm slashed with a sword.

And fall damage does actually add some inconsistency to competitive play where sometimes you have to choose to take damage to get into a fight right away or take a longer way around to avoid a fall.

And a instant kill fall hight doesn't even have to be a very high distance. If you break a leg or something you aren't going to be able to cobtinue fighting.

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I actually listen to the staple tapeworms song on a relatively regular basis.

I regret nothing.

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That sounds like a lot of work to be done when the original idea was that 3rd would only be an option for custom servers.

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I like lazy's idea of no fall damage unless it kills you outright. Maybe throw in a stun if you fall from a bit too high up.

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I didnt vote for you.



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Was debating on getting the mordhou shop version just for that reason right there.

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@Huggles said:
We will strike the Americas in full force whenever ready your grace.

We will strike the Americas in full force

full force


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All Hail!

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How do I downvote?

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Low end as in integrated graphics on old CPUs from the early 2000s? Probably not. You might get a few frames at best.

~500$ builds with more modern components? Probably. But don't expect too much.

Marox, the lead producer/programer, is running on an old GTX 560 or something like that. Probably with a half decent Intel CPU.

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@Valmirius said:
Show me your best killstreak then lad

Put up or shut up tbh imho, otherwise this thread is boring. This was FFA anyway.

Pffff. Ok Mr. Badass. I concede.

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Anyone can use the crop tool on a screenshot from a 32 man game filled with rank 16s.

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I don't like that the battlefield will be 50/50 males/females while females will probably only make up 5% of the community. And that's on top of the historical innacuracy.

But it's probably too late now. We're just going to have to deal with it. No sense getting worked up over it.

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Duke reporting in.

May the class warfare commence!

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I played way too much Oblivion and Skyrim.

Loved the shit out of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, but I never owned a copy myself.

There was a cross-platform First Person Shooter called Shadowrun that had a pretty sweet fucking sword I loved using. Also never owned my own copy.

Loved using the energy sword in Halo games.

When I played a mech game called Armored Core I really enjoyed making and fighting with melee builds.

I like mount and blade but the combat is really too clunky when you compare it to the rest of the games I've played.

I've played so much chivalry it's not even funny. Chivalry is what made me realize that this genre of game will always be my all time favorite..

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If mordhou was a movie and not a game I'd probably have killed myself about a year ago.

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You are expecting WAY too much from the people that use this forum tbqh famalam