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I can't stand free duel servers, and that's the only thing ever populated.

No one wants to duel me cause I'm shit at the game and only good at wasting people's time.

I need matchmaking duels to force people to deal with my shit.

Also, the animation adjustments and perk system make me want to wait, and not get too used to unfinished mechanics.

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Been a long time since I've noticed/remembered a dream.

Smoke too much of the wacky tabacky.

And even when sober, my dreams tend to be distressing nightmares, so I try not to think about them too much.

Good thread though.

At one point I was really interested in dreams and lucid dreaming.

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He probably doesn't have anything else to do so he is here shitting up your thread.

Omitting the frog helm, great bascinet, or variations of those because of "realism" or "authenticity" is the dumbest thing.

The devs saying they didn't feel like putting it in the game would be a much more acceptable answer than realism at this point.

I got fucking shit on for complaining that catapults would be throwing EXPLOSIVE FUCKING ROCKS, using realism as my reasoning.

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Just moved to Arizona. Even the fucking West coast servers are fucking 70-80 ping for me.

Hard to tell how badly it's affecting me because I've never been on a server with less than 60 ping.

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It would be really fucking nice when I'm surrounded by people and only one or two of them are in fighting range.

It's a pain in the ass to turn your whole damn body around just to quickly look behind you.

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Added 15 new various emotes (some of them currently do not hide weapons, when they should)


Duke 311 313

Devs want to avoid any and all hit trading. Whever lands their attack first will win, period.

Maybe a mod will be able to adjust first hit flinch to allow for trades.

Duke 311 313

Kicks are very hard to land unless you are face hugging someone or stuck in a corner.

People have been complaining that kicks are too hard to land since alpha release.

They are fine as long as you can't stunlock someone to death with them.

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Morph will have stamina cost. A screen shot of crushed saying that was posted in another thread.

Reduced damage at the beginning of an attack will not happen. That's what the windup animation is for. The end of the animation, you might have an argument for that.

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You can still invert the direction control, like in mount and blade, so you can change it to be whats more comfortable to you. Thats actually already in the game for the few people that want it.

Duke 311 313

My group of gaudy homosexuals:


Testing out different armor combinations.
In order (head/torso/legs): [H/H/H] , [H/H/L] , [M/M/M] , [C/H/L] , [M/L/C] , [M/L/C] , [L/L/L] , [C/C/C]

Heavy helm/torso with light legs seem to be a pretty sweet spot with tankiness and a tad bit extra speed.
Having anything less than medium helmet and light torso is just begging someone to one shot you.
Medium helm, light torso and cloth legs will keep you from getting one shot while giving you good speed.

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I loved fisticuffs back in chivalry. It was the only thing I would gladly boast about being really fucking good at.

Though I'm not gona bother pulling out Lefty and Righty unless I lose a weapon or come across a fellow boxer.

Duke 311 313

Neat. So this is more or less intended as long as you have stamina? Is it only stabs that give you this boost?

Duke 311 313

Moving in the direction of the windup always felt more natural to me. I'm pretty sure that was the default in Mount&Blade as well.

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You don't actually choose team colors. You make one "free-for-all" loadout and the colors are forced depending on what team you are on.

The weird thing about this is that other pieces that have gold trim, like gauntlets, don't change when you join a team. Its just the gothic arms.

Not a huge deal but I felt like making a thread about it.

Duke 311 313


Seriously considering suicide because of this.

But seriously, several other armor pieces show custom trim, and this piece already has team colors on it. Please let my trim match the rest of my armor.

Piece in question is Gothic Arms.

Duke 311 313

Zweihander and Halberd are king. Morph into drags are very powerful with these.

Greatsword is pretty fast for it's damage especially when it comes to alt mode and stabs.

Shield + arming/axe/Warhammer very effective, but not too over powered in my opinion.

No reason not to go full heavy armor. Maybe with light legs if you want.

Medium helm + light torso + cloth legs give you best speed while preventing 1 shots. Works very well with spear.

Duke 311 313

That right there actually does sound a tad over powered. Kick shouldn't be able to stunlock someone to death. Deffinetly going to have to try that out.

Duke 311 313

Nope. It's not a super realistic weapon to be honest. It's more of a symbolic weapon.

It's being added later to some maps forpickup. Who knows maybe it'll have different stats too.

Duke 311 313

Fucking amazing. Can't fucking wait to finally be able to play tomorrow.

You guys iterated on almost all issues I saw being posted. Fantastic effort.