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I don't get it. You are all talking about advantageous 3rd person, why are you not all using it? It is a tool everyone can use, how can it be an advantage ;-)

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Hello there,
I have followed Mordhau now for a while after enjoying Chivalry MW for some time and thought about the problems of swing manipulation for a while now, so here eventually my personal opinion:
Although I understand people are upset with these instant hits, I think they are kind of a necessity to add to the gameplay - making it less stall.
Nevertheless I have one suggestion that might change it up a little bit (I'm sorry if this was already suggested, I haven't read every single post): make instant hits less damaging. You could add a damage curve to the animation, so that in the beginning of the animation the damage is less but in the middle of the swing animation the damage is the strongest. You could also add a higher stamina cost for instant hits to have people think about it twice before they use it (but this is optional and should be seen as a balancing tool).

The following is just an additional thought to the upper suggestion that occured in my mind so it is not a very important idea although i hope people might find it interessting:
If a.m. is implemented you could even go further and add different damage curves for different weapons, making play styles for different weapons more unique. E.g. a hammer could have a much later/longer high damage than a one-handed sword which would have a higher damage output in the first third of the swing animation (or something like that, don't pin me down on details ;) ).