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Epic horseback jousting and what should happen when you run out of stamina using a flail:

Btw, Im thinking we could mod a map with this type of scenery and add multiple jousting (if horses) or tournament games (e.g. who carries a garter - or even a hen - most of the time wins or something like that).

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  • 20 Feb

I've still haven't found the name of the cone point spear these archers are carrying (pic is from the great belgian artist Jean-Leon Huens), but I suspect it's related to the stakes they would place before them to defend themselves against cavalry attacks (maybe to dig the hole to fit the pointy branches with and then used as a weapon itself):
141 Gentse Strijdkrachten.jpg
If flails were not complex enough, note the triple morning star flail and even a 4 slot one in the image below ;)

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  • 14 Feb

I think the scene showing Uther Pendragon's death in Excalibur 1981 film would be a good example of what you mean. The movie has pretty epic fighting scenes and I remember this part being pretty crude and clumsy with the knights crossing a pond full of mud.

Damage reflection and armour weight clumsiness as shown in the video would be extremely immersive (and even though the latter is now seen as a common misconception, fatigue would still be present for heavily armoured infantrymen after a couple of hours of marching and/or fighting). I guess Mordhau has already set a smoother solution for player's lack of stamina with the weapon drop punishment, in harmony with the game's fast pace melee combat, but one can still dream of something like this.

In regard to damage reflection it would be awesome to have some default bits and parts of armour falling off (such as helmets, their visors, besagews or other accesories ), shields' painting flaking or even having the shield being partially cut off or dented. Then again, its on the Mordhau team's end to evaluate if all these additions can be done without compromising the rest of the project. Still, I hope it can be set as a kickstarter high end reward!

P.S. Uther's helmet is fucking gorgeous!

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  • 6 Feb

Early medieval armour and clothing. These can work as light and medium tier equipment (Dane axe was also cheap and, thus, very common)


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  • 27 Jan

@NewYariMeta said:
I don't see there being a mix on the same team is a huge problem, given that it's supposed to be fighting between lots of mercenary groups, though I can see some people not liking the historical accuracy (or lack thereof). But I can't think of a way to fix this without reducing customization a lot, I suppose there could be a system which put people on the same team if they had similar armor or something close to that, but people will abuse customization if it effects the game at all.

A solution might be to set in your profile a number of personal outfits according to the number of cultures, so when the match starts players that access a team or another have to select the outfit that corresponds to the specific team's culture.

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  • 27 Jan

I know its still premature to think on future DLCs or new content, but I think its healthy to discuss this before the time comes. Getting to the point, I'm worried culture based DLCs could result in crossing entirely different armour or weapons in the same team. Although Mordhau isnt going for an all out realism, political jokes aside it can be quite incongruous to mix east european and/or middle east clothes with the initial european ones. Not only from an aesthetical point of view, but from a logic one (the immense majority of the historical mercenary companies - if not all - operated for and with people belonging to their religious area of influence).

Some minor joint ventures or army intermixtures might have taken place in the Iberian Peninsula, Southern Italy or around the Byzantine Empire, but overall this wasnt the norm. It can be quite eye-bleeding to eventually see all matches with this sort of intermixture (in a similar way to Chivalry's customization extravaganza), so - inspite of this premature state of the game - I was wondering if a decision has already been made to assign (or not) culture tags to armour and weapon loadouts and relate these to team based server or gamemode locks.

Essentially, my question is if player customization outfits will be able to mix different culture elements and if these will have an effect of team siding.

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  • 25 Jan

Shield types of grip (I assume shields' functionality is already built and that shoulder straps are difficult to implement, but nevertheless...)

Norman kite shield FTW (by Birney Lettick)

Pavise shield paintings + crossbowmen


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  • 22 Jan

New images (these are rather random, but I find the second one a terrific setting for a siege battle)
gord leczycyki brama.JPG
stokesay castle3.jpg

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  • 20 Jan

@Carlo_Mano said:
Why is there a naked man hanging on the palissade? I'm confused*

Celtic influenced cultures such as the Gaul went into combat usually naked to avoid getting their wounds infected from dirty pieces of cloth etc. Maybe that was a good idea when fighting their own tribal wars, but not against the better equipped romans who would find it easy to slice through bare flesh...

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  • 17 Jan

Azincourt 1415 reenactment. A low-destructible palisade can be a hot spot for epic CQ combat (last image corresponds to Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña's depiction of Alesia battle)

Azincourt 1415 reenactment.jpg

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  • 17 Jan

Visored sallet (without lobster tail at the back + close to the nape and neck)

Talied sallet
tailed sallet.jpg

Plebeian hats (maybe the use of these hats should restrict body armour choices or viceversa, cuz I feel some strange combinations aka Chivalry might emerge if these are available)

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  • 12 Jan

Here is another collection of helmets & hats (Angus McBride, Dzis Igor and Grbasic, amongst others, have depicted the medieval infantrymen with lots of pictures)
Norman helmet with facial mask

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  • 7 Jan

Fort-La-Latte (used as scenery for Vikings 1958 movie)
la latte gate.jpg

Other forms of gate/drawbridge entrances

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  • 30 Dec '16

Simple padded caps, cervelieres & open bascinet pleb helmets (thread is saturated with full plate ornamental armours):

Note the coltell used here by this Almogavar mercenary

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  • 30 Dec '16

Coat of arms of Castile and Leon, Navarre or Aragon confirmed ^^

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  • 22 Dec '16

Congratulations for this huge leap forward! I recommend you guys to gather some strength these holidays to face this upcoming & important year!

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  • 20 Dec '16

Absolutely astonishing castle & medieval life reconstructions in Switzerland from Joe Rohrer:

Castle of Argueso:
Castillo de Argueso.jpg

Valea Viilor fortified church:
Valea Viilor.jpg
Valea Viilor2.jpg

Viscri fortified church:

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  • 11 Dec '16

Early motte & bailey examples (in a close to renaissance scenario, they can serve as an avant-garde / improvised frontier position)

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  • 11 Dec '16

Pot helmet? (not sure what is its specific name)
Sallet helmets (the crossed belt over the armor is also notable)