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If i meet a dev irl i would faint because of all the blood of my head suddenly going to the lower head.

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Yeah I'm apparently very unobservant.

Reported just in case.

I wish I could post in those threads but my aftermarket key obviously isn't linked to my forum account. :/

How is that after market thing?

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Quite incredible. I still get really salty when I get morph feinted constantly and die in 2 hits to mordau grip longsword/poleaxe/halberd tho

Get rekt m8
I'm getting rekt too (althought much less by now)

The game has potential to be the game of my dreams

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There is a changelog thread made by spook, is pinned in the alpha testing section.

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@TheUprising said:
I realized I suck at Mordy, probably should have been practicing on Chiv b/c it more like that game than anything else, so I'm out, I'd love to spectate though.

Fucking do it you pussy, i suck sweaty scabious monkey balls and i will still try to go there (if schedules allow it) and get gangbanged like Sasha Gray.

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It can be seen as the opposite though, i actually feel worse at getting rekt in this game because i know it's entirely my fault and not some inconsistent or shity mechanic/game design.

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@CrimsonKing said:
In my opinion it's still too early for this kind of feedback.
Let the alpha run for a few weeks before any "balance" suggestions.

This people, don't be me.
We should wait for a bit, we are all excited to be part of the testing of Mordhau and are very eager to give feedback but we also have to hold our asses to give actual propper feedback.

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stick pal

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Hm yea you may be right, percent-wise is objectively almost double as fast than heavy, it just feels so slow, my bad there.

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Oh i forgot to mention that i love the detail of bots being named after historical figures like Grute Pier or treatise's masters like Hans Talhoffer and Johannes Liechtenauer.

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@PJ_Ammas said:

@Humble Staff said:
indeed, it's rewarding when you manage to kill somebody because it means you had to do something right, takes quite some shots to bring down people.

Are you using the qstaff? In my testing I've found that it does VERY little damage to pretty much any armor. Meanwhile the pole axe can two shot anything.

Yes i give it a go everytime i play but the combination of me being bad plus the staff being bad results in me changing for something else eventually (it gets frustrating at some point tbh), as you said, even light armored people require at least 3 hits.

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@Monsteri said:

@Havoc said:
Yeah, the parry skill ceiling is a bit low atm and results in a stall that can usually only be broken by feinting or gambling.

At this point I have to ask: are you using any of the following techniques? Dragging, acceleration, side strafing, z-stabs, riposte kicks, chambers, offensive morphs, chamber morphs, chamber drags/accels, fakeouts... riposte feints, chamber feints, chamber morph feints, feint to parry? All of those can be combined and mixed up. Slow duels are usually just lack of player skill.

You know what, you are right, i currently suck ass at the game so i should wait for longer to give proper feedback. <-that is not sarcasm.

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indeed, it's rewarding when you manage to kill somebody because it means you had to do something right, takes quite some shots to bring down people.

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As i thought, medium armor speed is way too close to heavy armor and that makes it pretty pointless at least for now that the perk system is not implemented yet.

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I agree, parry box could use some shrinking

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First and foremost: I suck ass, i'm having problems at picking up the fundamentals, can't reliably choose the angles from which i want to attack and im getting my anus teared almost like when i started playing chivalry.
I don't care that much since all of these problems will go away by just playing and i had a great a experience anyway, without lag thanks to a hosted server and without major fps drops. The only bug i can think off is sometimes when i wanted to change my loadout mid-match i just couldn't no matter how much i clicked at things. It solved itself tho after a few times of pressing escape back and forth.

Which weapons and armor combinations are you enjoying the most? Got any favorites yet?
Atm i'm having fun with medium and light armor for the most part, throwing is reaaaally fun, i like how the axe sometimes sticks and sometimes doesn't, how the mace bounces off and the weight and physics overall of throws, just lovely. The staff feels a bit too weak atm, its poor damage wouldn't be a problem if it didn't have short sword range but as you said weapon balance will be adressed later and i really appreciate having it there just from the start. Eveningstar is dope, goedendag skin or spiky club all the way.

How's the feel of the combat? Too fast? Too slow? Do people die too quickly?
Does it feel too hard to fight multiple opponents?

In my humble opinion combat is a bit too slow, it's engaging nonetheless and it's fine for my brain still in need to catch up with the directional attacks. People in armor gets killed way to fast with slashing damage, i know that is weapon balance but still leaving that here. Fighting multiple oponents is purely skill based so is fine imo.

What do you think of the mechanics? Are chambers or parries too difficult?
Parries don't need as much aiming as i expected so they are pretty forgiving.
Chambers are difficult yes but that is part of the mechanic itself.

Have you had any memorable/notable experiences? Were they positive or negative?
A few of my throws collided with my oponent's throws, fun stuff. Also another thing that i really like is when a dagger sticks out of your arm or hand and you can see it right in your camera and you can pick it up by pressing E. Another great detail related to this is throwables sticking out of your face impairing vision.

What do you think of the maps? How are the layouts and environment art? Any favorites?
Great tbh, Grad and Ruins my favorites so far.

Have you had any frustrating experiences?
If you could change one thing about the game, what would it be?

The only frustrating thing is almost constantly getting rekt but again that will change by straight playing the game.
If i could change something would be movement speed which feels way to slow atm, i need to change to light armor periodically because i can't stand being so slow to drag my arse around. Medium armor speed is too close to heavy armor speed too making it rather pointless.
The rest would be about weapon balance which is super important for me but that is something for the future so this is it for the moment.

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I suck baboon ass at Mordhau.

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Same here