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@Void said:

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who made this

idk but he must be hanged imho


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Those medieval depictions of both the staff sling and the sling are beautifull, i may add some in the update of the original sling post (and thank the people who posted them here ofc).
Also Mustache that would be joke "weapon", for the giggles, im totally okey with that as long as the sling is not a "hehe i trow u pellets hehe" thing.

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what are you talking about? These are some of the most deep, warm, hearth touching quotes i have ever heard in my life. I could not help but cry out of joy after having my faith in humanity renewed thanks to Rob's voice acting.
You should feel ashamed, trying to make him feel bad for making something so pure and beautifull.

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Yes i was thinking to edit the post and add it, pretty busy right now so i will have to do it later.

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Alright, i was thinking of one weapon that i have seen mentioned here and there, including this thread, but never saw someone putting that much thought into it:

The sling


General info

The sling is a rather obscure and misunderstood weapon, so simple in design and yet so deadly. Used throughout the entire world by many ancient cultures it follows the same principle: Two cords attached to a pouch where you put the desired ammunition. The cords act like an elongation of the arm (thus giving the user more leverage) and the pouch as an artificial hand that holds the ammunition until release.
Slings vary in the materials they are made out of, the shape of their pouch and its construction but being such a simple weapon there is really only one variable that has an actual effect on how a sling performs: Length. There are short and long slings, the former having less range and power but being easier to use and the latter being the opposite.

Introducing it to Mordhau

We still don't know how ranged combat will work at all ¿Will there be a sway mechanic? ¿Damage and velocity of the projectiles will be affected by range? ¿Will some weapons (mainly sling and bow) take stamina to use?
What im about to write are merely suggestions of how i think the sling should and/or could be implemented in the game. A lot will be guessing and speculation due to not having enough information about ranged combat yet.

Every weapon added to the game should have it's own niche and be in a sense unique to have an identity and be a worthwhile pick. For the sling, i can think of the following traits that make it unique, i will explain point by point:

  • It's a ranged weapon that deals blunt damage: Self-explanatory, the sling throws rocks and bullets made out of different possible materials, while some can be shaped in a way to essentially make the projectile inflict piercing damage (famous roman sling bullets), from what i remember devs have said that different types of ammunition wont be implemented.
  • You could pick up ammunition from the ground: This is not very desirable but better than running out of ammunition and having to resort to melee. The rocks you can find in the ground have irregular shapes and densities while you need your ammunition to be the most symmetric and consistent as possible. In game slingers may be able to pick up rocks from the ground to fill their ammunition which effectively makes them have virtually infinite ammunition. This needs balancing and i will talk about it later.
  • Much like chivalry's slingers and javeliners (please hold your pants haters), it offers a skirmishing play style since you can move freely while reloading and/or preparing your throw: The sling can be reloaded pretty fast and a practised slinger can incorporate the reloading to the motion needed perform the throw. You can walk and trot freely with a loaded sling without worrying for the bullet falling off, in fact, ancient slingers ran forward before throwing like you would do with a javelin.
  • And last but not least, since it could be the most differentiating factor to set the sling apart gameplay wise.
    slings could be the only dedicated ranged weapon that could be used with a shield : That’s right; it is known and there are historical records of slingers with shields. We still don’t know if pavise shields will be added for crossbowmen but still it’s not the same to have it on your back or placing it in the ground than actually wielding the shield and defending yourself with it. Keep reading to see how i think this can be balanced.

Overall balance and mechanics

I propose two types of sling to be in the game, a short one and a long one.
Common features:

  • Both have a good reloading speed, close to what it takes to draw the bow as we see it in the trailer.
  • Both use bullets that can only be refilled in ammo crates and if devs think it's fair, from dead bodies that got hit by bullets.
  • The left click can be holded to keep the sling whirling while you prepare yourself or the throw and you can cancel the whirling to return to the neutral iddle stance. You gain no damage nor other benefit from keeping the sling whirling around.
  • Both slings have a windup before completing the throw once the the left click is released, shorter for the short sling, a bit longer for the long sling. During this windup you can keep moving and adjusting your aim as normal. If you get hit during said windup you get flinched and thus you don't release the bullet. You can't feint, morph or cancel this windup in any way except by getting hit by someone.
  • Only and only if you run out of ammunition, you can pick up rocks from the ground. It could be an animation that can be interrupted and takes a few seconds to finish, giving you a handfull of stones (say 5 out of a max of 20 for the sake of having a number). These rocks deal significantly reduced damage compared to the bullets and may not be avaiable in every environement, indoors for example.

Short sling
Sling with shield.jpg

  • It takes one point of the ranged branch of the perk tree to equip this weapon.
  • It takes about 4 headshots to kill a plate armored head (5 with rocks), 5 hits for a plate armored torso (6 w/r) and 6 hits to plate armored legs (7 w/r). For reference, reduce the hit to kill for each part of the body by one for each lesser tier of armor.
  • The range and speed of the projectile would be rather poor for a projectile weapon, think about slightly as fast and far as a short spear who should be the best throwable melee weapon.
  • It can be used with a shield. Only the short sling can be used with a shield. To balance this out you could make it so you can only pick the smallest shield or the two smaller shields and according to the shield selected it limits the melee weapons the slinger can choose (via slots system). You could also decrease the reloading speed.
    The shield works as a normal shield, blocking ranged attacks pasively and melee attacks actively only, you can't attack with the shield, riposte with a sling shot after a block, nor kick while having the sling in your main hand as with happens with every other ranged weapon. This leaves the slinger defenseless in melee except for being able to block attacks with the shield until he draws a melee weapon.

The short sling is very short, like the one you can see in the picture uploaded above. This weapon is suitable for rather short range shots where positioning and proper measure will be essential due to the windup of the sling not allowing to make really clutch shots at a charging foe that may flinch the slinger before he throws. This windup also makes shots more predictable and helps enemies that are aware of the slinger to correctly time their parries. The addition of a shield in the offhand helps the slinger to protect himself from other projectile weapons, most of which outrange him. The shield is completely optional of course.

Long sling
Long sling.jpg

  • It takes two points of the ranged branch of the perk tree to equip this weapon.
  • It takes about 3 headshots to kill a plate armored head (4 with rocks), 4 hits for a plate armored torso (5 w/r) and 5 hits to plate armored legs (6 w/r). For reference, reduce the hit to kill for each part of the body by one for each lesser tier of armor.
  • The range and speed of the projectile would be average for a projectile weapon, slightly less than the crossbow.
  • The long sling cannot be used with a shield for balance purposes.

The long sling is closerto Chivalry's sling. Chivalry's sling kills knights with two headshots and i think it's fairer to give the plate armored people three chances (isn't like it's easy to reliably perform headshots) and leave the two headshots for the longbow. In Chivalry though, it takes the same or more shots to kill lesser armored people, which wont happen here in Mordhau.
Basically the long sling is the embracing of the slinger concept, raining bullets and rocks upon your enemies from afar like a walking catapult. It has more oomph in damage range and projectile speed.


There isn't much to do here and it would be mainly noticed by the very player using the sling.
A stereotypical leather sling
Leather sling.jpg

A weaved fabric one, these are often made in one single piece.
Weaved fabric.jpg

A single piece of braided cord with the pouch sewn to it.
Sewn pouch.jpg

And a pouch-less sling, the pouch is just a part of the cords and it requires big enough projectiles to avoid them sliding/falling off. Bonus fact: Suposedly, these slings have better results since the projectile has to deal with less friction at the moment of being launched.

As for the bullets they come like this
round sling bullets.jpg

or like this, these are more aerodynamic and are overall deadiler.
oval sling bullets.jpg

Some bullets had inscriptions and figures carved in them. Again, mainly noticed by the player using the sling but the same happens with engravings and stuff.
Carved bullets.jpg
More carved bullets.jpg

There were some fancier bullets made by the romans, they are like the oval ones but slimer as you can see, often had trolly shit like "catch" inscripted in them.
More fancy bullets.jpg

One last thing for customization: Different slinging techniques. I don't know how viable this would be and if it would be too much work since they are completely new animations but it would make for a nice touch of customization that other players can actually see.

I will leave this video here from a point where this gentleman shows many applicable techniques with both the short and long sling.

Summing up

This post is made out of pure love for the weapon, while i don't want the sling to be a joke/troll weapon, i propose it as rather weak option with more flavor than viability in mind for the sake of balance. Nonetheless (as in Chivalry) while being pretty difficult, it should be possible to become a proficient slinger, an asset to your team and a force to be reckoned with. Reaching that state with a rather underpowered weapon is gratifying and rewarding as fuck.
Feel free to leave a comment about what you think, sorry for any grammar abomination and thanks for reading.

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I also approve, i said it from the first impression he posted: This man is fucking good and i think he has a good chance to get a slot in Mordhau's voice acting.
Go Rob go!

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Yea pretty much what echonian said. If you really want to take some of the falling damage out then be it like that but seriously i don't see why the hate for it.

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It sudenly smells like fishing in here.

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@Stumpy said:
Looks very nice Eru. I wish i was that good!
Here is the peak of my abilities.
Bow to my greatness

What are you talking about, this is nice as shit (in a good way).
Seriously man, there are people like me who struggles with a stickman and you post a amazing painting and be like "eh".

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Beautifull stuff Nautilus, damn we have many talented artists in the comunity. Also Eru that shit is nice, damn.

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@Smeelio said:

@DerFurst said:

@Smeelio said:
Can I have a key I haven't been able to unlock my house for days please it's so cold outside

Break into your own house and then call the cops so they can arrest you, then they'll take you to jail where there's plenty of body heat

I can't go back inside man no way man

inside jail or inside jail people?

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im debating between laugh and righteous fury but i will give you a like for the artistic value.

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Pardon me then, i was a pleb all along.

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@Uncy said:
Castle in Poland (Malbork)zamek-w-malborku-muzeum.jpgobraz_2610.jpg20415.jpgmalbork_castle_print.jpg

Yea this is waaay to modern, looks more like a mansion with some defense/castlelike features but far from being a dedicated castle or fort.
Unless im a pleb and my untrained eye is missing some details.

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If i were you i would protect that lady's indentity.

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@Punzybobo said:

Fucking wow, seriously man this is beautifull.

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Well he is a world hero for leading Mordhau to the sun and since Slovenia is part of the world i would say yes.

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@ChemicalDruid said:
that being said i really would like dagger to have high base damage. a super-short range weapon that rewards the risk taken.

We haven't played Mordhau yet but im willing to say that the problem with that is that closing the distance in a game like this is waaaaaay easier than in irl even if you face someone who knows how to keep the distance with a long weapon, so it's not like you are accomplishing something near imposible like irl, having a dagger doing hig damage based on an hipotetical "hig risk" would not be a good idea.

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Oh, Neo you magnificent creature.

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@Monkeytoes said:
is it funny or just awesome

iunno, i laughed

fucking awesome.
Also this: