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@EatAtRedLobster said:
A half locked forum makes for a nice public monument to dev incompetence.

Posting updates here is the real cherry on the sundae.

It's like they killed somebody and feel so guilty that they can't bring themselves to fucking bury the body once and for all.

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@ego9911 said:
Disable please a poissibility to change weapon during duel.Do it closer to historical duels.

Many duels in european history depending on time and region had rules which allowed people to have either many backup weapons in case one broke during the duel or secondary weapons in case you lost your primary/ies bud, so that's perfectly plausible. Unless it's some meme stuff where you see a naked guy pull a halberd out of his butt after losing his zwei

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Yea no.
Last night I launched the game to play with a friend, I played a few matches and the magic was gone. I was like a robot, I did things out of pure reflex and everything felt tasteless, even when I made some plays it felt like nothing.
All I could think about is the years of below shit tier management of the community, horrid communication, bad decisions and the bigot moderation we have had to go through, that slowly made me loose the respect for the dev team. Not to talk about the big disappointment the game turned out to be, stupid decisions left and right, badly balanced maps and loads of stuff that could be hotfixed but are still in game, some since the alpha days, etc.
I still believe the game has a lot of potential because it's the best thing this genre has spawned up until now. But the biggest potential in my eyes is in the modding community, not on the dev team. They may learn from all of this and become actually good developers but at the pace they are going, any good results will be seen no earlier than years down the road.
I have started to watch chivalry 2 stuff and it actually looks like it could be a lot of fun and as good if not better in some aspects than Mordhau.
So yea, I'll be showing up for patches if there's anything interesting in them.

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Hola, sos de Sudamérica?
Si es el caso no hay mucho que los desarrolladores puedan hacer porque somos muy pocos jugadores comparado con otras partes del mundo.
Entonces cuando jugas ranked te ponen a pelear con lo único que encuentra que son jugadores de otro lado del mundo, evidentemente en servers de ese lugar y por lo tanto el ping the rompe el culo. Cómo mucho, tendrás la suerte de que te cruces con algún otro SA que este rankeando justo en ese momento, pero mientras tanto la mayoría de tus partidas van a ser en estás condiciones.
Una pena para la gente que le gustaría jugar ranked pero siempre podés jugar duelos si querés mejorar en el juego.

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that looks crisp as fuck, i wouldn't mind trying some

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@wierHL said:
nvm deleted

Tard tbh.

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:
That interior part of the MP expension reminds me of that chivalry map with the second floor railings and the throne and stuff (it's been too long to remember the name). Good shit.

Only thing I don't like is that some of the skins are a bit out there.

Stonehill throne, true. Castello's interior reminds me of Citadel's throne room too.

Those "spectacles" are pure troll material lmao.

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If we don't see a tomato in at least one of the winner pictures I'm suing, refunding and shaking.
Not necessarily in that order.

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That dust is my dried seed

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In your mom's snatchie

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Some nice changes in a good direction, good job devs. There's a couple of Reddit posts of that gun that had me laughing hard.

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@esturias said:
[double post]


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And i was starting to think he was a flat-earther.
Nice post, for once.

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^ don't listen to him. he's a retard

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  • 19 Dec '19
 Humble Staff

The shield changes are a step on the right direction, they were sorely needed. Good job adresing that.
Bad job not answering my question in the patch 14 thread.

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  • 10 Dec '19
 Humble Staff

@Tuna said:
I think it would be cool if we got folders for the armory. With all my classes it canm get a bit crowded and ti would bee cool to have a way to orginize them.


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  • 28 Nov '19
 Humble Staff

Can i get the details behind taking short spear's combo away? I don't get why, me not being a pro and stuff.
Also while i'm glad there's at least some tweaking for the qstaff, those changes only cement even more the "fast as fuck annoying cheese" identity, which i and
many others don't think is good nor fun to play with.
At least now i know what your vision for the weapon is i guess. I wish i could say "i'll wait for mods to come out, someone will make the staff right" but as numbers go down here in SA, that's just a dream. And with all the pressing matters you guys have, i sincerely understand that a new staff weapon is the least of your worries, but come on, you fuck around a lot with all the other weapons, give this cool gimick to one, take this gimmick away from that one (not to talk about some existing aberrations like cleaver). Making a new qstaff would only take a stat tweak, a few points increase and adding some metal shods/caps to the ends of the stick, that's the bare minimum and i doubt it would take much effort at all.

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  • 26 Nov '19
 Humble Staff

I just hope it's unintended or something
else instead of one of those hidden nerfs

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  • 19 Nov '19
 Humble Staff

Also the teleporting to a ladder when you are trying to push it away from a wall but someone starts/is currently climbing needs a fix too. in many cases you can't see what's going on down there and you snap into the ladder and get shot or literally butt raped by some enemy that was climbing up.

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  • 2 Nov '19
 Humble Staff

Hola, soy de Sudamérica también.
De dónde sos? Yo soy de argentina y lamentablemente me parece que no tenemos ningún servidor argentino (no sé si habrá alguno de duelo, ya que casi no los uso). De momento todos los oficiales y los de duelo que he visto, son brasileros, y el mínimo de ping que me puedo esperar en ellos es 70 cuando hay mucha gente. No es perfecto, pero es jugable. En los servidores de duelos tengo 50 por ahí.
Si sos de cualquier lado que no sea Brasil, muy probablemente te pase lo mismo.