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  • 3 May '19

The character can glitch next to stairs / or in rocks still. End is not nice solution because it says -100 suicide :O 20190503015354_1.jpg
Also the catapult tends to get stuck :( When walking forward from spawn, or in the fields on Camp.

Sometimes in spectator mode it takes a really long time before you can click and move to a character, and once there controls are very limited: I'd like: 'space' to elevate, 'ctrl' to go down in free-spectator mode and right click to leave spectating a player and go free spectator mode for a nice battlefield overview

Some walls allow arrows to pass through

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  • 1 May '19

So whenever I alt-tab my cursor disappears. I usually restart to fix this. However when I click on something, it sometimes reappears.
The Xp/Gold progress bug seems to appear after I buy something with gold in the shop, which was the first thing I did. It would be bugged for about 8 hrs of playtime, but after a server change or game mode change it would suddenly be working again. Firstly thanks to the Sneaky Monkeys server, but might be coincidence.
Sometimes you can't climb the thatch roofs from certain points (next to the woodwork).
A friend of mine cant click settings, because his cursor is approx 5 cm to the left and 2 cm to the bottom of where it actually is whenever he launches Mordhau. Certain parts of his screen are blocked, and therefore he can't reach Settings menu. I highly recommend some more hotkeys to get around the main manu. He uses a GTX 1050 Nvidia , intel i-7 laptop, windows 10. Changing screen resolution many different ways didn't help him unfortunately. We couldn't solve this.
Also using 'S' and 'W' to cycle up and down spawn points and 'space' to confirm spawn will reduce the need to use 2 hands for spawning (allows to eat or drink something while dead). Just a Quality of Life improvement.
In the server list, it's hard to find servers, and 'Recent' doesn't seem to be working. I would love it to have an option to sort servers by game mode, amount of players, ping, etc. by clicking on the tab title. Also a 'Favorites' tab would be neat.
I would also like an option to enable friend markers in team based games.
Beautiful maps. Not alot of glitching points, but sometimes when you climb up a ladder you mysteriously bounce off and fly off the building of wall and fall to death. It's funny, but ok.
Overall great game, I and many others love it. I would really love some more hotkeys though.
Skirmish tends to get very boring very fast for me. People running and using up the round timer are a pain if you just died at the start of a round. Perhaps shorter rounds.
An option to remember the weapon grip (R), mordhau or nrormal, on switching to another weapon and back (for certain weapons).
Why isn't a broken longsword throwable? Why is it's special a 2-handed option? :O