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Why not simply increase the stamina cost of blocking melee attacks after the parry window amount of seconds? I agree that the purpose of shields are primarily as a counter to ranged fire and as a defensive measure in chaotic massed melee.

In fact, don't we kind of want players to have to hold up shield while being shot at? This occludes vision allowing melee attackers to be harder to notice.

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@AngelEyes said:
Women are more prevalent in gaming than they were 10 years ago. Not adding them Would be a terrible consumer decision, realism arguement is pretty pointless. Go play KCD for that it’s a great game.

On the other hand I like the idea of tying them into perks

Sorry to necro, but why not just a flat dmg nerf (maybe 3-5% or so) if there absolutely needs to be some difference. Perk points also relate to, well, perks, which seem more like learned skills than anything. Women have lower upper body strength on average, but their learning ability is certainly equivalent.

That being said, if there isn't a hitbox difference then there would be only be 1-way realism, which means there's no argument for having differential stats.